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May 10, 2012 02:25 PM

Red House in Deep River, CT (was du Glacé)

Looks like this spot has reopened as The Red House, searching shows there is another place in New London or Norwich of the same name, same owners?

The menu looks interesting, regular old chicken tenders and burgers, but also some standouts:
Fried pickles and okra for an app., a sandwich of Dr. Pepper basted beef brisket with a BBQ blue
cheese sauce, and a Japanese Gaucho steak with a wasabi balsamic glaze, fries and coleslaw.

They also have a band schedule listed for the weekends.

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  1. well we went there tonite. the place was very busy and yes the menu looked like a fun burger and sandwich style menu.
    very pleasant and friendly staff - got our drink orders promptly and answered our menu questions

    we decided to try a salad and sandwich plan - so one of us got the brisket sandwich and I got the salmon sandwich - we shared the goat cheese salad

    the cornbread they bring to the table is very tasty with a sweet spicy butter
    the salad was freshly prepared and fine - but my last warm goat cheese salad was made with warm goat cheese "patties" - this one was prepared with a less dense goat cheese so more like a warm pudding consistency on top of the salad - good but not great

    then out came the sandwiches - the brisket was way too dry for one and the salmon patty was so dry I could not even swallow the small bite I took

    they graciously offered a substitute and I am chose the fish tacos - and they were yummy - spicy grilled fish with a fresh salsa on top - served with spanish rice and delicious baked beans as sides
    they comped me my meal - so that was thoughtful - and I will probably give them one more try before making a complete judgment -

    So go ahead and try it - but select carefully from their menu

    oh yeah - great fun way they decorated the old du glace space - all "rocker and roller" style giant portraits on the walls where the large Paris style murals used to be.

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      I went last night, the space looks great, staff was attentive and efficient (we sat in the bar.)

      I went for Ladies Night, we shared the same salad with the weird goat cheese, didn't finish it. We had the dried pickles and okra app, we all liked it- and I don't like pickles. We also had the nachos with pulled pork. The pork was on the dry side, but it worked with the nachos, which were crisp and cheesy. Shared a burger- I wanted to try the burger with the egg, but nobody wanted to share that one. The burger was good, not great, came medium as ordered, fries were crispy.

      It's clear Deep River has been crying out for a place like this, as just about every table was full.
      It's not great food, but pretty good. A good place for a burger and a beer, which every town needs. I'll be back.

      1. re: dennisl

        Was a fried pickles and okra app, not dried!

        1. re: dennisl

          Oh I will go back as well - at least give it one more shot - maybe I will stick to wings, burgers and suds and go when they have music lined up!

          didn't even know about ladies nite - they have not advertised at all locally - that was du glace's problem too - no marketing

          1. re: few

            It actually wasn't a Ladies Night sponsored by the restaurant, just my friends and I on our monthly sojourn.
            I agree, no marketing, no nothing. If I hadn't stopped to look at the menu I wouldn't even have know they were open, not exactly good business.

            1. re: dennisl

              LOL ! Thanks - I wouldn't have even thought they were open the other nite - exc as we were driving by - we saw someone come out the door so we turned around to give it a try

        2. re: few

          thinking of going back this weekend....anyone been here since last post below?

        3. We tried it out the other night. My wife opted for the brisket sandwich, and I went for the pulled pork. Both were moist, tender and satisfying, served on a nice brioche roll, mine with cole slaw on top. A nice tangy BBQ sauce in a squeeze bottle was on the table. First impression: where is the smoke flavor? Second: where are the crunchy little burnt parts I love so much? Turns out the meat is braised, not cooked with smoke and dry heat (maybe Deep River has zoning issues about outdoor smoking?). Not really complaining (the sandwiches were pretty good), but I thought the flavor would have been better if the meat were treated in a more traditional BBQ style. The fries were just this side of shoestring size, and served nice and hot, thanks to the excellent service we received. Loved the really well done crispy ones especially. We didn't order very ambitiously. The menu has some very interesting options which we will definitely be back to try in the future. Live music will be a bonus for us also. For some reason, their website doesn't come up very easily when doing a search, so check the menu at

          1. I give this place one star simply because it is a "nice idea" and has average food. But that is all it has going for it. I only order from this place because my wife wants their nacho's. But I have dealt with them about 9 times in total and I have had 8 unpleasant experiences with this restaurant.

            For starters, the first time I called for a pick up of my order, they left me on hold for 15 minutes. I just hung up and called again. My fault being so stupid and just waiting on the phone. But then again, I could hear the hostess talking and fooling around flirting with one of the waiters(Or bartender??) and was thinking she would come back any time now.. Not the case! That same time, they hung up on me while I was giving an order. Still on that one occasion when I finally placed the order, they told me it would be 15 minutes to pick up some nachos. When I got there, I had to wait an additional 20 to 25 minutes. This was my second time going to them. My first time was a magnificent experience. But from the second time on, it just is utterly pathetic. It needs either new ownership or management.

            Every single time I went from this point on, the staff has been obnoxious. They screwed up our order every single time. I really don't understand how.. TWO Nachos and a salad. Every time I either am missing a salad or a nacho's or I have to clarify about 8 times what I want in order to get it right. The staff has also been rude to me and I really can not stand the bar tender who clearly defends the young girls and their mistakes simply because they are "Prettty".

            I have never written a review about a restaurant or really anything other than Google Play Apps. I really do not like to answer negatively on surveys when it comes with dealing with customer service issues(EG: AT&T, a recent hospital visit, etc) as I realize this makes the company and some individuals look negatively on the business and impact their finances. But this place just irks me.

            Tonight was the last straw. My wife calls the place up to place an order and before my wife can finish, in mid sentence, the idiot person that answered the phone just says "OK Got. Thank you for calling" and hangs up. Didn't even ask for a name or tell us when we can expect to pick up the food. Then we call back and we get an answering machine(This also happens very frequently when we call). We had to wait five minutes to call again and speak to someone else only to realize our order was not put in. When I got there, the waitress took my card, put it down by the register and held it hijacked for 9 minutes(Yes, I took note of the time) while I waited for her to wipe down the counter, pour a coke for no one to pick up and chat with when of the male waiters regarding some change to a menu item. Utter non-sense.

            The real problem here is you have too many young people, very understaffed, no customer service skills(Which sadly, I guess, is disappearing all together in the world anyway), obnoxious/self righteous/self important personalities. When we ask the staff if they know what is in a certain menu item, they are clueless half the time.

            You wanna make this a better place? Train your staff, teach them to be kind and understanding and to listen to your customers. Hire more staff! EDUCATE your staff on what's on the menu. Make sure they are out of high school. And for crying out loud, I get it's a restaurant business, but stop hiring people based on how attractive they are! People skills and careful attention to detail will earn you more clients than looks will! If someone wanted to go somewhere to have lunch with a view, then they have the option to go to Hooters.

            Again, the idea of this place is a nice one. It really is! The environment is just right. The food is decent. The decoration and feel of the place is cool and it has outside seating which is a plus in the summer time for most places. But the things above have made it so I never return to this amateur show.