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May 10, 2012 02:00 PM

Good Calzones or Panzerotti in Yeg

Has anybody been to Battista's Calzones on 118th Ave.?

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  1. yes, I go regularly for lunch.

    good stuff.. they recently acquired a truck and will be peddling their calzones around town.

    1. My son and I went to Battista's Calzones for lunch. Battista is a specialist, and his specialty is Calzones, nothing else. And only six varieties, including a dessert calzone. It is only open for lunch and only until 3 pm and only on weekdays.

      It is located on Alberta Avenue (118th Avenue) and 84th street, and it has the feel of a locale on Commercial Street in Vancouver, but with good parking. Nice big windows, a few tables on the sidewalk and a glass garage door and communal wood tables that give an upmarket industrial look to the place.

      About the food, the calzones we ordered were very good. We had the Classico and the Vegetariano and they were both filled with a good balance of good quality ingredients in a mild but tasty marinara sauce (with extra on the side for dipping) and cheese to enhance but not dominate the contents ,all encased in a lightly browned pizza like dough, not too thin and not too thick, with just the right amount of bite and texture

      We also tasted a complimentary Nutella and fresh strawberries dessert calzone, sprinkled with chocolate powder. It tasted fresh and not overly sweet (I don’t have a sweet tooth but I must admit I enjoy bread and chocolate). I would recommend it if you have room left after lunch or if you want a snack with a cup of coffee in the early afternoon.

      They also sell frozen calzones, marinara sauce and frozen dough so you can have them for dinner or on the weekend.

      Good for chowhounds

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        I will throw in another recommendation for Battista's. Great to hear they are going mobile, as I don't live or work near their location so only get out there every so often.

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          Battista's is open Tuesday to Saturday . Lunch only until 3 pm.