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May 10, 2012 01:47 PM

Soft shell crabs?

Hi all,
Where can I buy fresh/live soft shell crabs in the Atlanta area? I'm in Midtown, but will venture OTP if necessary for a good buy.

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  1. ive boughtlive crabs, not soft at DeKalb Market on Ponce and the one on Buford highway as well--id check the variuos Asian markets and see if they have them--i too love softshell crabs, but frozen doesnt cut it

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      Try inland seafood in atl. Also found linton seafood out of Maryland says live

    2. The Korean farmers market in Duluth

      1. Not sure if Bob's talking about YDFM, but that's where I'd look.

        1. Luv soft shells. They only stay really soft for 48 hrs max. So I only eat them at the beach. Otherwise they are either semi soft or frozen yuck!!

          1. Check this out. They say they sell it


            but I didn't find an online ordering. You may want to contact them.