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May 10, 2012 12:46 PM

Dairy & Soy Free Dining Options?

Hi all,

My wife and I just had our daughter 3 months ago and it looks like she's sensitive to either dairy or soy. As a result, my wife is now completely dairy- and soy-free while we're figuring out which, and now we're both tired of eating chicken and rice and veggies (plus cooking time is scarce with a little one).

Does anybody know of any good chow-ish places to eat (bonus points for delivery to Fresh Pond/Cambridge) that would have a decent selection of dairy and soy-free food? I've called a few places, but I thought I would also see if anybody else had been in this situation.


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  1. Red Lentil has a lot of vegan choices. Good food. There's also Grasshopper in Allston. Mostly Asian, all or nearly all vegan. You have to check individual items for soy.

    1. Maybe you could check with Blue Ribbon in Arlington to see which of their dishes are dairy-free, unless of course she is also meat-free. Also, I bet Gran Gusto would be happy to make something special. I don't think either does delivery, though.

      Congrats and enjoy your little one!

      1. You mention chicken. Does this mean meat in general? Because you can eat meat most anywhere.

        Peace o'Pie in Allston/Brighton has, I think, dairy free pizza. They deliver to Cambridge.

        1. True Bistro in Teele Square is vegan, though not sure of the soy quotient.
          And I am willing to bet they will happily do take-out for you.

          1. Thanks, everybody. Meats are good, although we have to watch out for things like tandoori chicken (marinated in yogurt) or lamb kebabs (often have soy-based filler). I had thought about Red Lentil, so we'll definitely give them a try.

            lergnom - thank you for that link to Peace o'Pie - that place looks great. My wife is really craving a pizza right about now...