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May 10, 2012 12:30 PM

NYC - 6 day itinerary refinement

We are two couples 35-40 visiting from Sweden for 6 days next week. The board has been a great inspiration in setting a draft plan that we'd love some feedback on.

We will be staying at Eventi in Midtown but are happy to travel for nice places

Dinner - Ginny's Supper club
visited Aquavit 10 years ago and absolutely loved it, excited to experience Harlem as we have never been there before

Lunch - Open
Dinner - Empellon Taqueria

Breakfast - Clinton Street Baking Co
Lunch - Open
Dinner - Vandaag
Drinks - Milk & honey (we have a reservation)

Breakfast - Shopsins
Lunch -Shake Shack
Dinner - Buddakan

Brunch - Pastis
Dinner - Ai Fiore

Brunch - Minetta Tavern

BARS - On the shortlist: Raines Law Room, D&C, PDT, Pegu Club

Other bits from the shortlist - Zabb Elee, Russ & Daughters, Katz, Breslin for breakfast, Motorino, some place in Brooklyn/Williamsburg?

If weather permits al fresco lunch places and rooftop bars is of interest.

Any tips appreciated

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  1. I love Motorino, and they have a great lunch special M-F. I'd recommend fitting that in if you can. The Breslin would also be a good option for lunch. It's not quite as crazy during the daytime hours.

    Zabb Elee, Russ & Daughters, and Katz's are all good options too. Katz's can be especially hectic during the day, and personally I find it stressful, but it's a pretty classic tourist experience. You could conceivably go to Russ & Daughters and just get a couple of things to nibble on, rather than a full meal. Make sure to take a ticket at the door!

    As far as Brooklyn goes, I would suggest Saltie, a sandwich shop in Williamsburg. I usually get the Scuttlebutt or the Clean Slate, but I've never had a bad sandwich there. If you go on Saturday, you could also visit Smorgasburg on the Williamsburg waterfront. Lots of tasty food from local vendors and a great view of the Manhattan skyline. Berry Park in Williamsburg has a huge rooftop (also with a view of Manhattan) and decent bar food.

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    1. re: hannahcampbell

      Thanks for the great feedback. Smorgasburg sounds interesting.

    2. Wednesday lunch - Motorino would be a great choice, or you could try Momofuku Ssam Bar's duck lunch, or perhaps ramen at Ippudo. Or how about the lunch prix fixe at 15 East or Sushi Yasuda?

      Thursday lunch - you may want to check out Madison Square Eats, an open air food vendor market, if it's nice out. Or do one of the Wednesday options.

      Thursday dinner - why Vandaag? I think a place like Katz's or Zabb Elee would be harder to find at home. Or maybe Basque style tapas at Txikito.

      Friday lunch - love Shake Shack but have a rain plan if you are going to the Madison Square Park one

      Friday dinner - if you want hip Asian, I'd do Wong, Fatty Cue, Momofuku Ssam, Red Farm instead. Not as flashy as Buddakhan but more of the moment.

      Saturday brunch - why not Balthazar instead? Pastis is fun but I prefer the menu, atmosphere, room, etc at Balthazar. Or you could do something completely different, like Russ & Daughters.

      Note: Raines, PDT, Death & Co do not allow standing and are small. I'd do earlier in the night and early on in the week. Raines takes reservations for off nights. PDT takes reservations but only same day, and it is usually hard to get through via phone, so we usually walk in on the very early side for a pre-dinner drink. Pegu isn't quite so tough as it is much larger.

      You should also consider drinks at The NoMad, not too far from your hotel.

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      1. re: kathryn

        Great advice as always, many thanks.

        I agree about Vandaag will probably skip it.

        Might do Wong instead of Buddkhan for Friday.

        NoMad sounds great for drinks. Other tips for after-dinner nightlife NY-style Friday/Saturday?

        Weather report looks promising so rooftop/outdoor bars will be interesting. Any experience from Eataly, 230 Fifth, Salong de Ning, Hotel Gansevoort?