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May 10, 2012 12:12 PM

Frenchie Closing for Renovation May/June - Accurate?

Hello French Chowhounds!

I have been using your boards for a past few months to plan my honeymoon in France. Thank you for all the useful information you have provided.

I was just contacted by my concierge whose colleage walked over to Frenchie to try and obtain a reservation for us. She said that the director of the restaurant told them they were closing from May 15 through the beginning of June for renovations, but didn't have an exact re-opening date. I wasn't sure how accurate this was or if anyone else had heard of this? Just wanted to see if anyone had more insight.


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  1. I hope so, then we'll get two months break from people complaining that they can't get a reservation!

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    1. re: jeremyholmes

      Not 2 months of respite, just 2 weeks, curses.

    2. Seems a bit odd - so close to the August close which is the traditional time for a refurb. Also suspicious that the hotel spoke to the restaurant "director" it isn't that big so did the hotel check out the right place (could be a translation issue).

      I did notice they have a nice video on their webpage:
      It shows how small the place it and shows off the food quite well (although the video is a bit stylised).

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        I have a reservation on May 18:I believe they close for renovations starting May 19.I also have a reservation for June 4,which ,I believe,is the first day they reopen.