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May 10, 2012 11:44 AM

Last night in town - Looking for sushi

This our my last night in town and would like to get really good sushi before heading home.

We had great sushi earlier in the week at Tokyo GoGo. We were thinking about Sushi Zone in the same neighborhood but read that it is really small and hard to get a table. We are staying in Nob Hill and will taking a taxi.

SF Hounds have given us great ideas all week so hopefully you can through with one more time.

Thanks for the ideas!

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  1. Sakana on Post at Taylor, or Ryoko across Post and around the corner on Taylor. Very different atmosphere — your choice.

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    1. re: GH1618

      2nd the recommendation for Ryoko. Really fun atmosphere and good sushi.

    2. Sorry, but in my opinion Ryoko's sushi is amateurish at best. I would highly recommend Sushi Aka Tombo in Japantown: great atmosphere, amazing sushi, and you will get a table no problem. Better yet, sit at the bar, and let Chef Ryoji-san take care of you. He offers an amazing $30 omakase deal.

      Aka Tombo is located at 1737 Buchanan St between Post & Sutter.

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      1. re: od_sf

        I agree Ryoko can be hit or miss. When it's on (and you order fish of the specials board) it can be really good.

        Another option is Hecho. Newly hired Sushi Chef from Kabuto. I went for lunch and though the quality was terrific.