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May 10, 2012 11:32 AM

Good food near IMAX theater on Mound rd. in Sterling Heights? [DTW]

It doesn't even have to be that close. We are vegetarian. Am thinking maybe good middle eastern or Italian? OH, and it's for TONIGHT, as usual with me!


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  1. There's a Rangoli Express in the same parking lot and I think you can eat in. Also, on the other side of 59 is Filipe's (sp?). Some people love it....don't happen to be one of them, but if you're looking for something close.

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      +1 on Rangoli. If not, then---
      Tivoli's Pizzeria at 45257 Van Dyke Ave, Utica (just north of M59)
      Lanna Thai 21Mile and Van Dyke
      La Saj middle eastern just south of M59 on Schoenherr has several very good dishes and is vegetarian friendly. For your salad, go for the upcharge to get their tabouli !!! (not sure if tonight is a budget night; prices are medium but not cheap.)

    2. There's Palm Palace down M-59 a bit, what, 2-3 miles down, in the old La Shish building. Or, now that VTB's been able to post, maybe it's La Saj, and Palm Palace is further down M-59.

      1. Okay, slow night. So, where'd ya end up?

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          Oh, we just ended up at our local pizza joint, since I hadn't made a decision early enough. But I had found Tivoli's on my own and if we're out that way again that will be our choice! We are always at our local Rangoli and we love it (they all know us there) so we weren't that excited by that prospect. We did try La Saj last summer on your recommendation! I guess I forgot it was in SH.

        2. (For future reference): La Saj is about 3 miles east on M59, by Lakeside mall. Palm Palace is in the old La Shish building, but it's further, about 4.5 miles (from Mound). The Italian place on Mound N of M59 is Filippa's. I'd also throw in a couple old-school Italian places, both on Van Dyke N of 22 mile - Da Francesco's and Di Fratelli's.

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            Thanks GD. Once VTB chimed in, I figured that I'd remembered the location(s) incorrectly, and you're obviously right. Sorry all!