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May 10, 2012 10:55 AM

Mirror's Best Of Montreal 2012 ...

Always a fun read, not much different than last year (or the years before that) in most categories.

The only category I will list is the new restaurant one:

Best New Restaurant

1. Poutineville (various locations
)2. Le Filet (219 Mont-Royal, (514) 360-6060)
3. Nora Gray (1391 St-Jacques W., (514) 419-6672)
4. Café Sardine (9 Fairmount E., (514) 802-8899)
5. Deville Dinerbar (1425 Stanley, (514) 281-6556)

Note to our tourist/out of town friends : This is based one the recommendation of the readers of the Mirror weekly (somewhat "underground" weekly newspaper ).


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  1. I don't find this list to be of very much interest. Although it has improved a bit from the dark days of its first editions, it's still pretty unoriginal and entirely focused on central neighbourhoods, especially Mile-End.

    It says a lot more about the Mirror's readership than it does about our city.

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    1. re: SnackHappy

      McDonald's in #4 for beat cheap eat? Come on!

      There are tons on better cheap eats that that!

      1. re: Kinyo

        in previous years mcdonalds has been #1

        1. re: catroast

          I picked up the paper this morning to have a laugh as I do every year, it didn't disappoint. Best Greek: Arahova, Best Mexican: 3 Amigos. Enough said.

        2. re: Kinyo

          Like SnackHappy said, it says something about the Mirror's readership, i.e. mostly young, anglo students.

          The list has improved somewhat, maybe reflecting the greater prominence and accessibility of quality food. It seems like not so long ago most categories were like Best Mexican (3 Amigos, Carols & Pepe's are still no 1 and 2, somehow) and Best Coffee (Tim Hortons, Starbucks)... popular but lousy places in all the top spots.

          I'm also pretty sure some of the more obscure categories get very small numbers of votes. One year I cast a ballot with some pretty out-there choices on it and several of my picks showed up at the no. 5 position. (Obviously this wouldn't apply to "cheap eats")

          On the whole, it's good for a laugh or two, nothing more.