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May 10, 2012 10:41 AM

Milton, ON - good places to eat?

I'll be visiting Milton for a few days, and need some good recommendations please!
My preference is for south-east asian (Japanese, Malaysian, Singaporean..) but contemporary would be ok too - not indian please. I realise Milton is not a metropolis - I guess I'm trying to say that my focus is fresh, great ingredients and good food, rather than mass-produced or americanised cheesy crap...
Have a car, so am not averse to driving half an hour or more for really good recommendations!

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  1. You will probably have to drive for south asian, but if you like a "fish house" experience Walkers Fish restaurant near the movie theatres is pretty good.

    1. You're right about Milton not being a metropolis. There's not a lot of choices out there but there's one restaurant that isn't so bad. Pasqualino Cafe & Bistro has decent food and service. It's not the best Italian food I ever had but it's decent.

      As for south east Asian, I do highly recommend for you to head over to the west side of Mississauga. There are some really tasty options for the cuisine you're looking for. I strongly recommend Lion City in Mississauga. The owners are from Singapore and they make some of the best Singaporean/Malyasian food around in the west end. Their Hainanese chicken rice is so tasty and has the authentic taste I had when I was in Singapore.

      Also, there's Ming Room in Mississauga. The food is Hakka Chinese and it has great flavour. Their chilli chicken and green curry is very tasty with good portions. Service is very quick even when packed during lunch.

      As for Japanese, there's not a lot of great options. My favourites are further north east of Milton (they're in Brampton). There's Dai Ichi which is on the border of Oakville and Mississauga. It's run by a Korean family and they have great Korean dishes in addition to fresh and plentiful sushi. Kalbi is great there too. It's not fancy or exotic sushi but solid good food. I even saw Chef Massimo from Mistura eat there.

      There is one all you can eat sushi restaurant that is close to the 401 and west edge of Mississauga. It's called Sushi Sushi. It's not bad. Probably the best AYCE in the area (which isn't saying a lot) so if you want quantity. It might not be a bad bet.

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      1. re: Nevy

        I'm hoping to get a group together, to take to Lion City. Can't go to a Singaporean place without getting chicken rice mmm mmhh MMMhhh! What else have you tried there that you can recommend?

        1. re: HaveSpoonWillCook

          I've been there 3 times and loved everything so far. Here are the items I've ordered and cleaned every plate!

          Laksa Lemak
          Sambal Shrimp
          Spicy Grilled Fish in Banana Leaf
          Beef Brisket Curry
          Hainanese Chicken Rice
          Char Kway Teow

          I hope you have a great experience as well!

      2. The only place that I know people from out of town visit for food is the Halifax Donair place on Main Street. A friend recently moved to Milton but I can't say I have had any awesome food around Milton yet. There is a BBQ place up in Georgetown that is good though. As other's said not many ethnic/asian options in Milton itself. Brampton isn't too far I guess.

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        1. re: ylsf

          +1 , can't believe people haven't been recommending Halifax Donair

          1. re: ylsf

            I tried Halifax Donair and was so excited to try it, although myself and my husband did not enjoy it at all. Actually threw them out after a few bites. I did not like the spice of the meat and the amount of meat on the donair (too much for me). Also, the sauce was not what I was hoping for I have not had many donairs down east, however Halifax Donair did not remind me of what I have had down east. Maybe we went on an off day. I'll try once more if I'm in the area.

            1. re: fryerlover

              We just got back from Nova Scotia (Halifax and Cape Breton) and actually me and the GF both agreed that Halifax Donair in Milton is REALLY close to the real deal. I think the ONLY place we had during our entire trip that was hands down better than Halifax Donair was a place called Tony's in Halifax.

              I think you may just not like donairs period, because the meat at Halifax Donair is actually LESS spicy than what they serve on the east coast, and having loads of meat on the pita is really the best thing you can possibly hope for when eating one.. So yeah I would tend to think donairs are just probably not for you guys, but thats just my 2cents

              1. re: duckdown

                Did you post on the Atlantic board about your trip? Hope you enjoyed the food and scenery. Did you by chance try Salvatore's (pizza) in Halifax?

                Back to the topic. I've read good reviews about Tony's, although have not tried it yet. I actually have not had one in Halifax in awhile and the last one I had down east was in New Brunswick.

                I will definitely try Halifax Donair again when I am in the area. I don't like to give up on a place after just one try as you never know what you could miss out on if by chance it was an off day.

                OR, I have to head down east again soon to truly compare.

                1. re: fryerlover

                  Hey fryerlover, I did not actually post back on the board re: the trip, I kind of lost sight of it to be honest. The food was pretty great (especially the seafood while we were out on the Cabot Trail for 2 nights) and the scenery... well there is nothing else like it!

                  I will try to dig up that thread and write back some of the highlights when I'm home from work tonight..

                  I didn't see any Donair places in New Brunswick but there was a fair amount of good fish & chip shops, and a really good gastropub we stopped at with some good grub, The Snooty Fox I think it was called


          2. Not too much in Milton that I know of, however, if others are recommending Mississauga and Brampton, there is a really nice Japanese Thia place, Spoon and Fork on Trafalgar Road, just south of Dundas. Not too too far from Milton and they have a delicious "All You Can Taste" Menu.

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            1. re: foodie_guru

              There's an extraordinarily fine restaurant, Enver's of Morriston, just 2 exits west from Milton along highway 401 in the tiny village of Morriston. They feature contemporary Canadian cuisine using a substantial amount of local products. You will certainly enjoy a memorable meal there. Reservations advised on weekends.


              1. re: iamafoodie

                Thank you everybody for very thoughtful suggestions. I get few opportunities to eat out in my daily life (no good restaurants in my area) so am always happy to make the most of the opportunity when I'm traveling .... look forward to posting after I get back!

            2. Any current Milton recs? In particular looking for takeout. Done the donair spot a few times, looking for different options. Buddy lives right downtown but willing to travel in Milton to pick up some good takeout

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                1. re: ylsf

                  I like Chorizo. Way, way better than Burrito Boyz IMO

                  1. re: duckdown

                    I have such a hard time deciding between Burrito Boyz and Chorizo. Usually go with Chorizo as it is so close to home. I think for me to pic one over the other, that I'd have to have both at the same time to compare.

                    Why do you prefer Chorizo duckdown? Just curious as it might help me notice more the next time I have one.

                    1. re: fryerlover

                      Well I have had it out for Burrito Boyz for a long time, ever since they opened one up right near here in Brampton. So many times I've been served rubbery, overcooked, bland meat that is just OOZING grease, I recall one time I squeezed the steak burrito I had ordered from BB and literally saw just massive pools of grease coming out of it, really turned me off. Now donairs will do this too, but at least they have some flavor! That being said, the most popular choices at BB seem to usually be the halibut, but here in Brampton they don't fry it right and it's soggy as hell, not to mention very fishy tasting. And the chicken from BB is like eating little sauteed rubber bullets because they sautee the hell out of it with next to zero seasoning, then hold it in a massive steam tray all day where it just gets tougher and blander

                      As for Chorizo, some of the things I like is that they grill the marinated meat in front of you from raw, and it picks up that nice barbeque-y charred flavor. plus I love the chorizo option as a meat choice on days where I don't feel like steak, barbacoa, or chicken. Also, chorizo has sauteed veggies (red and green peppers with red onions) that they don't cook in huge batches, they make them fresh constantly throughout the day, and they will happily cook them to order.. I always ask for them to be a bit "well done" because I don't like the bite of the raw onion until it starts cooking down and softening

                      Plus, Chorizo has 4 flavors of Jarritos, as well as more salsa choices and fresh fried nacho chips

                      1. re: duckdown

                        I have been to the Chorizo in Burlington before. We decided to go to the Milton one yesterday. It was good but they were SLOW compared to the Burlington one. Still worth trying. The one thing is they didn't grill my burrito in the press after by default, I had to ask him to do it. I think it tastes better when they grill it in the press after to melt all of the cheese/etc.

                        I agree that it is better than BurritoBoyz.

                        1. re: ylsf

                          Yeah you're right it's only by request; I actually never even knew Chorizo did the grilling of the burrito thing until some woman beside me asked for it on my last visit

                          Wish they would open one up closer to me.. sometimes I will drive all the way down Steeles from Mavis just to get my Chorizo fix haha

                        2. re: duckdown

                          Have you tried a different BB location to see if you get better results?

                          Yes, I love that you can get grilled veggies are Chorizo. BB does not offer that and I don't like their tofu so if I'm in the mood for a non-meat burrito, I like the options better at Chorizo. BB offers a bean and rice or sweet potato as another non-meat, however I prefer non-carb options since I'm already getting carbs in the wrap. I did try my husbands fish burrito from Burrito Boys and really enjoyed it.
                          I'm not a vegetarian, however there are a few food items I prefer non-meat.

                          You pointed out some areas/details I will pay more attention to when making my decision and reviewing. Thanks.

                          Sorry for going off topic on this thread. Back to Milton for which I have nothing to offer as I don't know the area well.

                          1. re: fryerlover

                            Had a veggie burrito from Chorizo the other day and have to agree, they have a better product. Asked for and received extra cilantro. And all their "Jarritos"? are delicious and well seasoned.
                            If I was a meat in my burrito person, I'd still want to do a BB and Chorizo side by side, however since I prefer the veg., Chorizo is for me.