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May 10, 2012 10:39 AM

Philly with food allergies!

Looking for some meal suggestions (all of them!) that will accommodate my lengthy list! It includes peanuts, tree nuts, mushroom, sesame, cauliflower, raspberry, strawberry, mango, grapes, pineapple, and no dairy. I'm staying, I believe, next door to Reading Terminal this weekend with lots of wandering planned. Thank you!!

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  1. Trying again with this one! Anyone in Philly with some food allergy eats suggestions? thanks!!

    1. Maybe a philly cheese steak sans the cheese or an Roast Pork sammie, in Reading terminal, sans the prov.

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        I agree try DiNics no cheese but lots of broccoli raab. There are lots of choices in Reading terminal market.

      2. There's a lot going on in philly, it would be helpful to know more details. For instance, what kinds of cuisines are you interested in? Price point? where will you be wandering?

        RTM is a great place to eat and many of the vendors have online menus, so you can vett them for your allergens before you go.

        1. The Garces restaurants are good about accommodating allergies... try Amada or Tinto.

          You could do well with a burger (no cheese obviously)... I don't think the rolls at Village Whiskey (another Garces join) and PUb & Kitchen have sesame seeds and these are meaty burgers with high quality beef that can stand on their own without cheese. You could add an egg at VW.

          Vedge, a high end vegan restaurant, should be good too as long as you let them know what you can't eat.

          Blackbird Pizza is a good vegan pizza joint... I'm not vegan and I like it. They use Daiya cheese and it works really well. They also have a great potato, rosemary and garlic pizza that doesn't have the fake cheese.

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            The rolls at both Village Whiskey and P&K contain dairy, tough. Just about every fancy burger place uses either a brioche (includes butter and milk) or some form of rich roll that probably includes milk or butter. Even Martin's potato rolls contain dairy. Milk or dry milk powder is found in most soft white breads so that's a tough one to work around.
            Challah wouldn't have dairy, would it? Does anyone use challah rolls?

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              Good point about the brioche... challah always has eggs but never milk... well almost never since you never know for sure. Cant think of any places using challah off the top of my head but thinking about, doesn't Dandelion server their burger on regular bread? I haven't had it so don't know how good it would be sans cheese.

          2. Saturday morning breakfast worked out to be a smoothie from the place at Reading that is all veg juice...banana, carrot, kale, spinach, and apple, and oatmeal. Sunday morning was a different story!!! Sabrina's Cafe was fantabulous! I had an egg white omelette with apple, tomato, spinach, and avocado and a side of collard greens braised in balsamic with green onion, roasted red peppers and corn. It was ridiculously delicious and our waiter was fantastic, appearing several times with questions from the chef to make sure my order would be perfect! Thank you all again!!