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May 10, 2012 08:02 AM

Prime Meat to cook at home) Broward County

Any idea where I can purchase good, prime steaks locally to cook at home? If not, who do you think has (in Broward County) the best quality meat?

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  1. You can get prime at Costco even, but not aged. Some Whole Foods carry aged prime.

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    1. re: lax2mia

      If you're going to get Prime at Costco look for the blue styrofoam packing. White is choice and blue is prime.

    2. When I don't get my meat at Smitty's Oakland Park I can buy Prime steaks at Costco in Deerfield.

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      1. re: DolceFarNiente

        Smitty's meats are good, but they aren't Prime. Sometimes, even BJ's has Prime steaks, but not regularly. I don't find that the ones at Costco are cut well...Was hoping maybe someone knew of a fine meat market other than Smitty's...Thanks though.

        1. re: gblcsw

          I beg to disagree.

          From "We know you expect only the best from Smitty's, and we only accept the best from our suppliers.Which is why we only carry beef that is Prime or American and Japanese Kobe."

          1. re: LiveRock

            I beg to disagree, as well . . .

            Despite many American beef products being labeled Kobe, authentic Japanese Kobe beef is certainly not available for sale in the US, and typically nowhere outside Japan, with the possible exception of Macau. If Smitty's is selling Wagyu beef products, it is certainly high quality, but it ain't Kobe.

            And, I'd look askance at anyone in the meat business who uses such obvious misdirection in their sales literature. It'd make me question their 'Prime' claim.

            1. re: southocean

              Based on the marbling, the steaks do not appear to be prime and no where on their store signage does it say "prime."

              1. re: southocean

                May I dare to not disagree.....but rather state the true facts.........
                Kobe is the common name by which most people know the Waygu steer breed. It is referred to as such, because of the region of Japan from which the Waygu breed originates. Also nicknamed "the sumo wrestler of beef", this hearty animal offers a steak overflowing with delicious marbling. A small amount of these steers were purchased by American companies, thus the beginning of American Kobe. Yes, Smittyy's carries American all the time, but we do get in the Japanese as well, on a less frequent basis. Anyone is welcome to pre-order whenever they like, with deposit. Of course Japanese Kobe is more rare in the U.S., but it is certainly not non existent. We do not stock it regularly because, frankly, it is too rich for most people' blood. The last piece we had was a strip. I can't remember the exact price, but it was somewhere around $130.00 per lb. vs. the American Kobe at $60.00 per lb. Also, most Americans think the Japanese is too marbled. The first time that we saw it, we couldn't believe it! There was more white then red! We had to try it( who could resist) and watched in amazement as the fat melted in the pan, exposing much more beautiful red meat then we had thought could be there! It was delicious, but for the price I'll stick with the equally yummy American version. In a world so quick to speak that of which they may not fully know, I wish that people would be sure of their facts before taking the chance of damaging someone's reputation.......especially when so many big box stores are taking away from mom and pop businesses as it is.....strictly my opinion. Thank you for your time.

                1. re: thebutchersdaughter

                  Since 2010, it has been illegal to import (or even hand carry for personal consumption) any Japanese beef. For two years all Japanese beef, fresh or frozen, whole or cut, boned or on the bone, has been banned by the USDA due to an outbreak of foot and mouth disease. Even before this it is highly questionable whether any real Kobe beef was allowed for import into the U.S. Previously, other Japanese beef was often passed off as Kobe.

                  Kobe Beef, as well as Kobe Meat and Kobe Cattle, are patented Japanese terms or trademarks -- which are not recognized by U. S. law, which allows anybody to call anything "Kobe" -- regardless of it's origin or provenance. This same disinterest in foreign trademarks and patents also allows the label of champagne to be applied to California sparkling wine, parmigiana cheese to come from upstate New York, etc.

                  If, indeed, you're carrying beef -- of any kind or description -- from Japan, you are breaking the law. The next time you get a Kobe beef strip, why not call the USDA and check it's regulations. Or, just call it Kobe and raise the price of $60/pound Wagyu to $130 a pound.

              2. re: LiveRock

                Wouldn't it be great if Smitty's would carry Florida grass fed meat? Right now, everyone is selling Florida grass-fed meat frozen, but an operation like Smitty's is perfectly set up to supply fresh grass fed meat. And how great would it be to get grass fed beef any time you want it, cut the way you like, etc. And there is a supplier in central Florida who could get it for them--one of the ranches that supplier (Florida Fresh Meats) works with is the oldest continuously operating ranch in North America (since the late 1400s)

          2. The original comment has been removed