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Looking for a restaurant in mid-town for a BREAKFAST meeting

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I tried Del Friscoes, but they don't host breakfast meetings and I'm waiting to hear back from teh Capital Grill. Any other recommendations would be greatly appreciated.

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  1. The National on 50th and Lex is open all day.

      1. Loews Regency at 540 Park is the power breakfast scene in NYC, if that means anything to you.

        1. You might want to consider the NoMad; my sister and I had a great dinner there a few weeks ago, and since her office is nearby, we asked about business breakfasts, and they said that she should definitely consider them for business breakfasts. Not sure whether you were looking for a private room.

            1. Brasserie on 53rd between Park and Lex

              1. if you went to regency,how was it--as i mentined in a recent thread, i always go to Park Lane,but am considering tryng Regency

                1. Depending on what you mean by Midtown, LandMarc in the Time Warner center is nice. They are open for breakfast and I've never seen it crowded. Not sure if they have separate meeting rooms.

                  1. DB Bistro Moderne serves breakfast. Don't know if they have private rooms though.