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May 10, 2012 06:35 AM

Bachelor Party in


I am desperately trying to get a reservation for APDC on Sunday, May 20 as me and my 4 friends are celebrating my up-coming wedding. I told them that I really wanted to got to APDC as it is a favorite of mine. I go everytime I am in Monreal which is once or twice a year. Unfortunately they are booked.

I can not get into Joe Beef either and am now at a loss. Where do me and my motley crew go??? We want a late night spot (10-11pm dinner) that will be fun and serves awesome food. Is Brasserie T any good for a group of drunk foodies or is it too formal?

Any and all opions are greatly appreciated. We will even take advice for Saturday's.


Merci beaucoup.

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  1. Try "La Salle à Manger" or IceHouse or "Le Local" or "Le Garage" (don't know much about the last two).

    The big problem is late dining on a sunday night

    Have a look at this list for what is open on sundays :

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    1. re: Maximilien

      Thanks Max, I will look into these suggestions.

      I forgot to mention to anyone else reading this that me and my buddies are older...around 40 years old. We are foodies and love unique, experimental food. However, we do party hard :)

      1. re: kingkolo

        Le Chien Fumant would work. They do late night dinners, and it's owned and run by Joe Beef alum. Salle a Manger would also be good. Ice House doesn't take reservations AFAIK, so if the weather's good (or there's a game on) it will be hard to get into. Brasserie T is fun, not formal, but I think Chien Fumant would be a better fit for your group.

        1. re: cherylmtl

          I completely second these recommendations. I'd say none is particularly experimental, but they're completely along the same lines as APDC and Joe Beef. You could also look into Liverpool House since it's more-or-less the same as JB in my experience. Garde Manger would also be good, but I'm sure its booked for that weekend. As it's the holiday there may be few options.

          1. re: Fintastic

            Thanks for the responses cheryl and Fin. After much pleading I did manage to get in to APDC (told them that the bachelor party all depended on getting in to their place and the fact that I have spent a bundle in there over the years).

            Now I am looking for a couple of cheap eats places and good bars for Saturday and /or Sunday during the day. As I said before we are group of 40 years olds but still like a good party...any suggestions?

            1. re: kingkolo

              I'll throw in a vote for nouvais palais for a late night spot, helm brasserie is fun for a pint and snacks as well which is close by.
              For brunch, try griffentown town cafe, and they take reservations! Have fun!

              1. re: waziboy

                Griffintown is getting less and less amenable to reservations, especially on busy weekends. They often will not take bookings for smaller parties (i.e. 5 persons). Last weekend (mothers day) they would not take reservations at all. I really like the place, but I'd also be happy at Chien Fumant, Fabrique, Lawrence, Lemeac, Cartet, Gros Jambon, etc. etc. which all have a few more attractions in their near vicinity.

                For beers it's hard to beat Dieu de Ciel. Cheaper restos... well, there's a lot of them. I agree that NP is a good choice. I'd also recommend Reservoir, as their food and drinks are both pretty good. I also really like Dominion Square Taverne, though it isn't necessarily cheap. Of course there's a nearly infinite number of super cheap places that might suit you - i.e. poutine at Chez Claudette, Banquise, Patati Patata. If you want to party, really the best option is St. Laurent between Sherbrooke and Mont Royal. Others might push parts of St. Denis, Mont Royal, and Crescent, but really these are not my favourites. Crescent has the advantage of nearby strippers, but then you have to deal with an exclusively tourist clientele. The (gay) village is now also closed to traffic - I like the bars and clubs in this area, though I expect it's maybe not the scene a typical bachelor party is looking for.
                Really, if you have APDC booked it's probably best to just roll with whatever else happens. Montreal is a place where it's difficult to make recommendations, as everything can be super variable. I think you should just run with whatever seems to be leading you towards fun. My suggestion is to consume as much booze as possible then take off your pants - adventure will follow.