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May 10, 2012 06:17 AM

Asian (any - Thai, Indian, Japanese, Chinese) catering in Willow Grove area?

In search of Asian cuisine catering in the Willow Grove area. thanks for recommendations!

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  1. In Willow grove contact both Ooka or Pho and Beyond. The former for japanese, the latter for Vietnamese. For Indian you might try Saffron in Ambler or Tiffin in Elkins Park. Mandarin Garden in Willow Grove does have banquet facilities if you are interested in Chinese food. The best Chinese caterer in the 'burbs is probably Golden City in Colmar. They do a huge number of weddings at their facility and I assume cater as well.

    1. Lai Lai Garden (, on DeKalb Pike in Blue Bell, specializes in Asian weddings and other special occasions. They are not that far from Willow Grove. I do not know, however, if they do catering off-site. I'd contact them and inquire.