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Recent Marben, since the change of staff?

Has anyone been to Marben since Carl, Ryan, and Sasha left? Has the quality dropped or the direction changed?

I was thinking about making it a birthday dinner destination in a couple of weeks, but now I'm unsure. Thanks!

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  1. I have picked up from various people and posts that it isnt' as good as before but I haven't been personally before or after so I can't really comment. I had been wanting to go as well but I am waiting to hear about more recent experiences.

    1. Anyone know if they're still doing the Sunday Night Pig Roasts? Couldn't find any info about it on their website.

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        Went for brunch today. Based on just the bennies, I can say nothing has changed but of course that is a minor test. Same server as usual - service was great.
        They do still have the pig roast.

      2. I was in for brunch today. Food was delicious as usual. Nothing much has changed, yet.

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          I was there for lunch the other day and it was excellent. Heard Carl is opening his own place.
          Think the post was ??May 27 for next pig roast.

        2. Went for dinner last night. We had at least half of the menu and all the dishes were very good. It seems they are dealing with the staffing changes well.

          1. Had the burger last weekend for brunch and it was exactly the same as it was the three other times I've had it - DELICIOUS. The only change we noticed was that the service was better than on previous visits!

            1. I'm afraid the decline may have started. In a couple of weeks ago for brunch, my eggs were over-cooked (by a significant margin) and the hollandaise on my eggs benny was almost congealed. I'll give them one more chance, but I'm thoroughly disappointed. It's almost as if my dish had sat under the salamander, for a good 15 minutes or so...


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                Four of us went last night, for the first time. Except for our server, almost everything about the experience was poor.

                The hostess: we had a reservation for 7:00. Arrived at 7:00. She ignored us completely for 5 minutes while she giggled and hugged fellow staff member. Then we all hung up our own coats on the rack behind her while she berated other guests beside us for being 15 minutes late for their reso: "What time was your reservation for?....and what time is it now?"

                We were seated at a terrible table -- really awkwardly shaped table for 4, near the door. Left for 10 minutes with menus but no hello, no drinks, nothing. After 10 minutes, we asked if there was a different table available. They would check. 10 more minutes of sitting there. Finally, a new table. With some leftover bits of congealed salad not cleared from the table.

                Service was decent. Our server was so lovely.

                The food was only okay -- bread and oil (the same combo of soya oil and baco noire vinagreitte being used at Richmond Station) was fine. Charcuterie board was uninspired but fine. Mushroom risotto was okay but with way way too much garlic; burger order mid-rare came mid-well, and was really small; striploin steak was fine.

                Throughout, house music played loud and relentlessly.

                Would not consider going back. There are just too many good restaurants in Toronto to give it a second thought (have had excellent meals lately at Bestellen, Delux, Chantecler, Edulis).

              2. I was there a week or so ago for brunch. I had the huevos rancheros diablo. Service was good/attentive, enjoyed the bread/jam they brought out before our brunch came out. They don't squeeze fresh juice in house but source it from outside so I didn't order any juice. However, the table beside me asked if the juice was "freshly squeezed" and another server told them "yes it is"... If it is squeezed off site I personally don't consider it freshly squeezed but I know there was another thread on this topic here.

                Anyway, my friend had the french toast and I tried a bit of hers. On the website it showed the french toast as like $9 but they were serving a $13 french toast. I enjoyed the taste of hers and mine dish and I liked that there was no wait so I would consider going again in the future.

                OH - re: the eggs, the server asked me specifically how I wanted my eggs (I had asked for poached, but, he asked if I wanted them soft/hard/etc). I said "medium" but I found mine were a bit less done than I would have preferred. Probably would have just been perfect for you justxpete :)