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May 10, 2012 06:04 AM

Recent Marben, since the change of staff?

Has anyone been to Marben since Carl, Ryan, and Sasha left? Has the quality dropped or the direction changed?

I was thinking about making it a birthday dinner destination in a couple of weeks, but now I'm unsure. Thanks!

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  1. I have picked up from various people and posts that it isnt' as good as before but I haven't been personally before or after so I can't really comment. I had been wanting to go as well but I am waiting to hear about more recent experiences.

    1. Anyone know if they're still doing the Sunday Night Pig Roasts? Couldn't find any info about it on their website.

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      1. re: Crispier Crouton

        Went for brunch today. Based on just the bennies, I can say nothing has changed but of course that is a minor test. Same server as usual - service was great.
        They do still have the pig roast.

      2. I was in for brunch today. Food was delicious as usual. Nothing much has changed, yet.

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        1. re: justxpete

          I was there for lunch the other day and it was excellent. Heard Carl is opening his own place.
          Think the post was ??May 27 for next pig roast.

        2. Went for dinner last night. We had at least half of the menu and all the dishes were very good. It seems they are dealing with the staffing changes well.

          1. Had the burger last weekend for brunch and it was exactly the same as it was the three other times I've had it - DELICIOUS. The only change we noticed was that the service was better than on previous visits!