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May 9, 2012 11:58 PM

The Modern Dining Room

Despite many visits to the Modern Bar Room, my wife and I have never been to the Dining Room. We'll be rectifying this tonight. Any suggestions for how to attack the menu? Favorites? Dishes to avoid? Thanks!

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  1. You may want to do the 4 course instead of the tasting, you could each order differently and then sample each others choices. Some of my favorites are the Alaskan King Crab Cannelloni, Rabbit Terrine, the lobster tail, fallow venison.

    On another note, contact the restaurant and request the two top table along the windows center, it's the nicest, quietest table. And if you enjoy cocktail also make arrangements to have a drink on the patio prior to dinner.

    1. Was just there on Monday night. Menu has changed slightly from the online version.
      Here is my report:

      1. I'm a big fan of their squab stuffed with foie gras for two. I believe this dish is always on their menu.

        1. I haven't been since December, but it looks like some of the preps are still similar to the lunch I had. Boyfriend loved his trio of seafood 1st course (tuna, salmon, and scallop) and the beef as his 3rd course. I really liked the oven-roasted trumpet royale mushrooms and the chorizo-crusted cod, although if I'm ranking the dishes, I thought my taste of the beef was slightly better than the cod. I had the cauliflower risotto as my 2nd course, and I'd say that was a miss.

          The great concord grape dessert I had is no longer on the menu, but the boyfriend really enjoyed his caramel parfait, and I thought the presentation was great.

          Also, I definitely agree w/ Spiritchaser re: getting one of the two-tops along the window.

          1. Any recommendations from their current lunch menu? The scallop/tuna/salmon dish looks good. The Beef Tenderloin sounds interesting but feels a little too safe. Thanks!

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              I love the trumpet royale mushrooms with mussels. The squab stuffed with foie gras for two is sensational. I also like the rabbit terrine, sturgeon and sauerkraut tart, baked quail, and caramel parfait.

              My collection of photos from my meals there, if you're interested: