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The Modern Dining Room

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Despite many visits to the Modern Bar Room, my wife and I have never been to the Dining Room. We'll be rectifying this tonight. Any suggestions for how to attack the menu? Favorites? Dishes to avoid? Thanks!

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  1. You may want to do the 4 course instead of the tasting, you could each order differently and then sample each others choices. Some of my favorites are the Alaskan King Crab Cannelloni, Rabbit Terrine, the lobster tail, fallow venison.

    On another note, contact the restaurant and request the two top table along the windows center, it's the nicest, quietest table. And if you enjoy cocktail also make arrangements to have a drink on the patio prior to dinner.

    1. Was just there on Monday night. Menu has changed slightly from the online version.
      Here is my report: http://chowhound.chow.com/topics/848418

      1. I'm a big fan of their squab stuffed with foie gras for two. I believe this dish is always on their menu.

        1. I haven't been since December, but it looks like some of the preps are still similar to the lunch I had. Boyfriend loved his trio of seafood 1st course (tuna, salmon, and scallop) and the beef as his 3rd course. I really liked the oven-roasted trumpet royale mushrooms and the chorizo-crusted cod, although if I'm ranking the dishes, I thought my taste of the beef was slightly better than the cod. I had the cauliflower risotto as my 2nd course, and I'd say that was a miss.

          The great concord grape dessert I had is no longer on the menu, but the boyfriend really enjoyed his caramel parfait, and I thought the presentation was great.

          Also, I definitely agree w/ Spiritchaser re: getting one of the two-tops along the window.

          1. Any recommendations from their current lunch menu? The scallop/tuna/salmon dish looks good. The Beef Tenderloin sounds interesting but feels a little too safe. Thanks!

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              I love the trumpet royale mushrooms with mussels. The squab stuffed with foie gras for two is sensational. I also like the rabbit terrine, sturgeon and sauerkraut tart, baked quail, and caramel parfait.

              My collection of photos from my meals there, if you're interested: http://www.flickr.com/photos/cheeryvi...

            2. Had a fabulous dinner (the 4-course prix fixe) there last night. This place is my idea of what a restaurant should be -- excellent service, beautiful surroundings, and utterly delicious food.

              Started with a Pernod for him, a super Negroni for me with a whiff of vanilla to it (?).

              Hors d'oeuvres in those baby-feeding style spoons of a cube of savory custard with crispy farro on top and a sashimi with assorted other ingredients including pickled watermelon, and lemon verbena/Aleppo pepper popcorn, and test tubes of excellent cold golden beet soup; amuse of a savory panna cotta with I forget what but it was great.

              Excellent rolls (the french and the olive, anyway, the cranberry walnut one was too sweet for him) and regular and goat butter (I gotta get some goat butter, yum).

              The ALASKAN KING CRAB SALAD “CANNELLONI” with uni coulis for him (one piece of uni and most of the sauce found their way to me), and an oyster special for me, raw Kumamotos swathed in smoked salmon purée and a lemony sauce, wrapped in blanched leaf lettuce of some sort, on a smoked salmon sauce with small slices of the salmon and trout roe on each little parcel (I asked the waiter if they had had me in mind when they came up with that idea...).

              DIVER SEA SCALLOPS with Coriander and Fennel Seed, Rhubarb Marmalade (and hon shimeji mushrooms and and..., and yes, foam there was, and yes I loved it) for me and VEAL SWEETBREAD AND MUSHROOM RAVIOLI Mustard and Vin Jaune Emulsion for him, both superb, the ravioli mindblowing (the tiny corner of one I was given), all kinds of mushrooms in and on these.

              Half bottle of Pouilly-Fumé with the first courses; we had also ordered a bottle of a St Estephe which we had asked be decanted to aereate it faster and the waiter suggested that M have the red with his ravioli, which he did, and loved together.

              The CREEKSTONE FARM BEEF TENDERLOIN “MIGNONETTE” Daikon Radish, Pea Purée and Juniper Berry Jus for me, perfectly cooked medium rare (sous-vide and then browned, I think), very flavorful, with a small amount of very tart deep-red apple purée and the daikon was a very thin slice of the yellow pickled Japanese kind (a beautiful plate for Fall); the QUAIL BAKED “EN TERRE GLAISE” (qu'est ce que c'est 'terre glaise', de la poterie?) Macaroni Gratiné, Spinach and Morels for him, rare-ish breast and crisp legs, morels...

              We had ordered the 4-course but were too full for dessert (DAMN) so had (excellent) coffee (him) and espresso (me) and mignardises, white chocolate and pistachio truffle, 2 dark choc truffles, one with Earl Grey tea and the other with ???, raspberry-lychee pate de fruits, a maple cigarette cookie and a hazelnut stroopwaffel, on a plate with Happy Anniversary on it. Little lemon/rosemary sorbet ice cream cones as final gesture. A box of 3 coconut and something financiers with caramel to take home.

              A perfect celebratory meal. If we had the dough, I'd be there at least once a month.