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May 9, 2012 10:38 PM

foie gras in Berkeley / Oakland

Is there a good place for seared foie gras in Berkeley or Oakland? I usually get it in SF but looking for East Bay options on our up coming trip to Cal in June.

Thanks in advance.

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  1. Not a typical prep for it but I had a wonderful foie gras with cooked daikon at Kiraku in Berkeley last week. Wonderful japanese small plates place.

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    1. re: mariacarmen

      I had their prep with duck breast and miso sauce which I thought quite good. Worth a shot.

      1. re: mariacarmen

        Thanks for this recommendation. We are visiting Cal so this location is perfect. And foie gras in a Japanese setting sounds fun. I can't tell from yelp pictures how big the foie gras is. Would you say it's normal appetizer size? The price is very reasonable at $15.

        1. re: carcassone

          it was a very decent size - fat daikon piece and the foie sat nicely on top. two of us shared it, and it was plenty. really delish. here's my own pic.

          and here's a link to some reviews of the place in general (including mine):

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          Thank you so much for the recommendation of Kiraku. Such a charming little place! All dishes were prepared with great attention to details. All unique and delicious. We got there at 8 on a Thu and the place were full. We were a party of 3 so it took us about 20 mins for a table. There were 2 parties of 2 and their wait was about 10 mins. If we arrived at 8:45, we'd got seated right away.

          The foie gras was of great quality and decent size. Seared to perfection. We initially ordered 1 Foie Gras Daikon. When we asked for a repeat, we were told it was sold out but that we could ordered the Roast Duck with Foie Gras. This is odd, because that means they had foie gras but not daikon! So we asked if we could just ordered the foie gras. The waitress asked and came back and said the chef would replace daikon with taro. And when it came, it had more foie gras than the 1st order, 6 silver dollar sizes small pieces. It was a very nice bonus.

          It's really too bad that it cannot serve more foie gras after 6/30. But we'd probably always make a stop there when we visit our son since it's 7 mins from campus.

          Very happy to find this option. Chowhound came thru yet again! Thanks.

          1. re: carcassone

            oh great, so glad you enjoyed it as much as we did. yes, they're very nice there. I need to go back and check out more or their raw fish menu.

        3. Pretty sure Michael Wild @ Bay Wolf in Oakland got into "trouble" around all the politicization of foie gras at some point in the not too distant past (protesters @ the restaurant--memory here is a bit dim). He's a genius w duck, including duck liver, which will surely be on the menu. Dunno re whether they're still doing foie gras. CA ban starts July 1, if the latest initiative of Thomas Keller et. al. isn't successful in averting it.

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          1. re: sundeck sue

            There's nothing happening in the legislature to derail the ban.

            1. re: Robert Lauriston

              Hi, curious if there are any other suggestions for foie gras in the East Bay - Berkeley, Oakland, etc. I've checked menus at Cafe Rouge, Oliveto, and a few others but it doesn't look like it's on any of their menus.


              1. re: calalilly

                I've had it at Cafe Rouge and Oliveto. You might also try A Cote, Bay Wolf, Flora, Lalime's, Liaison, and Rivoli.

                I don't think any of them have it every day. Except for Chez Panisse downstairs and Oliveto, the menus on the Web often don't exactly reflect the day's menu. I expect there may be a lot of foie gras specials this month with the ban on sales going into effect July 1.

          2. The original comment has been removed