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May 9, 2012 10:26 PM

Young Thai Coconuts? Close to Downtown?


I have purchased young thai coconut at whole foods. They are pricey. I was curious if anyone knew of any place that sells them for a bit cheaper than whole foods? Sometimes even Vons or Ralphs get them for like 3.99 each. Hopefully something close to downtown la, or Mta train stations because that is the only way to get there for me. Thanks all!

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  1. I don't have a specific recommendation close to a train station, but you should check out Asian superrmarkets in Chinatown. A Grocery Wherehouse at 1487 W. Sunset Blvd. in Echo Park has coconuts often, but that might be too far for you.

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      Umm. er okay... What asian supermarkets in chinatown? I'm not familiar with that area?

    2. Go to the source, not far from the Goldline Chinatown stop is LAX-C market. Wonderful selection of Thai products for wholesale prices. They also have vendors outside for an expensive lunch and pretty good coffee shop Chimney Brick is right in the same complex.


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          They have one of the most "minimalist" websites I've seen:

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            haha i love LAX-C! And those coconut cakes... mmmmmmm.

            Davy, you should try Bangluck Market in Thai Town. Definitely within walking distance from the Hollywood/Western metro station. If you don't find it there, there are a bunch of smaller Thai markets on Hollywood Blvd.

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              Dommy is absolutely right (except for that lunch being expensive! ;) LAX- is the definitive answer to your question.

              Mr Taster

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                Sorry! That is the problem with posting while taking conference calls... you miss a few prefixes... I MEANT inexpensive... ;)

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                  And I meant LAX-C. I cannot recommend purchasing young coconuts at the airport.

                  Mr Taster

            2. Thanks all... Thanks to you all I called and found out:

              LAX-C MARKET- You get a case of 9 for $10.50. great price

              Bangluck Market is $1.49 each...

              And calling Whole Foods has a sale till Wed where you get 2 for 4. Normal price $2.50 each

              Thanks much all. I will be going to Lax C Market, best deal. I just hope they are good quality with no soft puprle bottoms. Fingers crossed.

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                That sort of report back is EXACTLY the type and quality of information that this entire site lives on. So thank you. And if you'll come back and report on the quality of the c-nuts after you inspect them, that will be the cherry on top of the sundae as far as being a perfect "guest" poster to the Los Angeles CH Community is concerned.