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May 9, 2012 09:07 PM

Kumo Japanese Retsaurant (Etobicoke)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

first of!!!! is all I have to say.

my ex gf told me about this place a while back and had nothing but good to say....service impeccable, food incredible, she went on about how her and her new bf were waited on and barely ordered anything off the good the japanese chef was...etc. me being me...i had to check it out....

a buddy of mine (who travels all over asia regularly) came down from montreal last weekend and was staying with family in my first thought was that i finally get to check this place we went around 9:30pm on friday...we were seated and it started....

first instinct was to get a bottle of wine...but after a little prodding by the waitress to see what kind of foodies we were...we were advised that there was a better option...with a the little bit of a buzz i already had and our waitress' enthusiasm...we closed our menu and handed her the reins...

now at first, seeing the combo of a few thai and chinese dishes mixed with the rest, i was skeptical...but the first thing out was our drink, a bottle of sake...first shot with a raw quail egg, then we were instructed to put some julienned cucumber in the shot glass and continue to sip the sake...both were, our first dish arrived...called ceviche, it was 9 slices of fish, 3 salmon, 3 tuna & 3 yellowtail in a sauce with some tobiko and other garnishes that blew my i was came an off menu item...the tower of heaven, a slice of eggplant eggplant with a crab/fish mixture, topped with a toasted walnut, in a sweet teriyaki(?) sauce...we were instructed to wrap everything in the eggplant and take it in one bite....once was some sort of spicy roll topped with salmon...again, simply amazing...this was followed by a fish roll, topped with a heaping pile of a warm, creamy shiitake and crab this point i was in heaven but couldn't stop up was our last dish, a peanut crusted, spicy, sliced raw beef (tataki-ish) dish...what a finisher....after that...we were offered a complimentary desert, which we refused as we were both absolutely stuffed and still had a long night ahead of us....but overall, we both agreed that kumo sushi had just raised the bar and set itself up as a new benchmark.
(fyi: i am not usually a roll guy)

this place is amazing.

now, if you are looking for a truly authentic kaji-ish experience, this may not be the place for you...but...if you are looking for an amazing, fresh, new, funky meal...this is the spot.

i wish i took more pictures....all i could find online was this - - everyone that's passing kipling on the gardiner should stop in, at least for one dish.

these guys are going to need more traffic, their location blows and i'm sure the factory lunch crowd in the area is not the type to frequent a spot like this.

i'd love to hear what anyone else who has been thinks.

these guys need to be kept around (and hopefully moved into the city


that is all.

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  1. Where is it? Do you have an address?

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    1. re: mammoth

      Btw, there's a neat feature on the internet called "search engines":

      1. re: T Long

        lol...i did post a link as well...but it seem to be down..or maybe that's just the work network...

        OH could i forget...they also have freshly grated, REAL wasabi for a few dishes. i'd never had it before and loved the fact that they were very specific on what foods got soy, what got wasabi and what got nothing....i can't wait to go back there...

    2. Found the link with some pics, address and hours. am excited to check this place out


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      1. re: rosieintoronto

        We've been 3 times. These guys are soooo nice. The food is quite tasty. Not a classic sushi place, quite fusion/sauce based...but tasty if you are into different rolls. We like the 'ceviche', Bella roll and avocado salad quite a bit. Also had some decent uni and oysters there. The space is somewhat basic, but certainly not offensive (not ideal for special events/big dates, great for casual date/family). The fish that we were served is quite fresh, and the warm dishes were yummy too (I think one of the off menu items we like is the deep fried yellow tail).

      2. Just posted my thoughts on the way-too-long Long Branch Etobicoke thread, but suffice it to say that the uni is worth the drive. California uni, perfect flavour, 4 pieces in a shot glass with fresh wasabi and tangy yuzu sauce, only $7.95. Go! Comfortable padded chairs and mood lighting is a good start, and servers are genuinely friendly and excited to be there. Even got a free dessert of mango mochi ice cream!

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        1. re: Food Tourist

          Just got a sashimi platter (came with 20 pieces of 5 types of fish - no shellfish) for $18.95 and it's pretty average/mediocre. 8 pieces of lacklustre salmon, 4 pieces of butterfish, 3 pieces of tuna, 3 slices of halibut or sea bream (I think) and 2 slices of yellowtail or red snapper (honestly I have a hard time discerning fish differences -- I need to memorize the taste and texture next time I eat at a gold standard sushi restaurant). They do not include a bowl of rice, just a miso soup and a salad.

        2. Does anyone know their delivery range? I stopped in to pick up a menu for take-out last night and noticed that they have delivery as well. Only their map is a little off (they have themselves on the wrong side of the street) and I'm pretty sure is not their actual delivery area since it would seem to suggest they don't even deliver one street west of their location, only to the east.

          I did try asking, but I'm not sure I was able to make myself understood.

          1. Got takeout at Kumo last night. The whole place is deteriorating -- smells dank and floors are really sticky and this was at 6:00 pm -- empty dining room. Ordered a sushi deluxe platter and there were no problems with the food. But I wouldn't eat in in future.

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            1. re: Food Tourist

              "The whole place is deteriorating -- smells dank and floors are really sticky and this was at 6:00 pm -- empty dining room."

              With a description like that, I wouldn't even order take-out from there!! After all, its a Japanese place serving 'raw' food!!
              No DECENT & CONSCIENTIOUS Japanese owner/operator would allow their premise to be in such run down condition??!!!!

              1. re: Charles Yu

                "No DECENT & CONSCIENTIOUS Japanese owner/operator would allow their premise to be in such run down condition??!!!!"

                last time i went to kumo, all the staff were speaking cantonese.

                1. re: lilaki

                  I think they are chinese. I did not notice any problems with cleanliness or smell. I went a couple of weeks ago and everything seemed fine. They are very nice and try hard. Food seemed fresh and was quite tasty. I go every couple of months and have not noticed any deterioration....perhaps was an off night?

              2. re: Food Tourist

                I got takeout last night - "beautiful rolls" and "sashimi deluxe" - wow, their quality has plummeted. Poor fish, strangely fat cuts, and poor value. I won't be back.