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May 9, 2012 09:07 PM

Debate for a Foodie coming to Atlanta

Hello Chow Friends
I will be in Atlanta in August for a convention / Downtown. I have one day to roam and sow my foodie delights. I enjoy gourmet sensations, creative dishes, classic dishes, or spontanious tasting surprises. Cost is not an issue. With no transporation..Only Marta, I am in deleima..Should I go to
Bacchanalia-feast on their tasting menu and endulge on extra appetizers..just to taste..
Restaurant Euguene-travel 45 minutes away (am female in evening -marta and taxi) and have the fois, sweetbreads, and miracles. This restaurant became top 40 in the Nation recently.
or Abttoir-open my creative senses to excitement which I love as well.

Ok, help me out..From one foodie to another..Bon Appetite, may all your experiences be exciting !!

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  1. I forgot to mention that Nicholai's roof is closed in August, that was a consideration.

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    1. re: Daphna101

      With one day to roam without a car, I'm not sure I'd waste all that money on taxis (for Bacchanalia and Eugene).
      During the day at lunch I would take the train to Decatur. Visit Leon's, 246, Tacqueria, Brickstore...have a few bites in each place. It's a nice area to walk.

      For dinner a great spot near the MARTA line is Empire State South....and while Bacchanalia and Eugene are good for sure, I actually a place like ESS, so you can taste a lot of things.

      1. re: rcburli

        Thank you rcburli. I will look into it. Good idea. I will have lunch time free. Restaurant hopping, should be fun.. And will check ESS's menu again.
        What do you think about Abttouir?

        1. re: Daphna101

          I like it and think you will like it. Same group as Bacchanalia, so right next door.
          Just not on the train you would need to take a cab there....but if you did that you could go and do your first courses at Abbatoir (try a few things) and then head to Bacchanalia and finish up with main dishes.
          You sound like someone who likes to try things and eat. Good for you.

          1. re: rcburli

            I think rcburli's got a great idea for your day - if you do Baccanalia and Abbatoir you could start with angry mussels at JCT Kitchen - right around the corner from Baccanalia.

            1. re: Enfielder

              I so want to do it all. ! Angry mussels..yum.. Tell me more about those angry mussels Enfielder Please.

              1. re: Daphna101

                It's been a while since my last trip to JCT, but I remember a nice size appetizer portion of mussels with a little cream, a little bacon (this is the South after all) and enough serrano to give some bite. Good bread on the side for sopping up the broth.

                1. re: Enfielder

                  LOL..I am even more south then you ..Bacon rocks !!! and that sopp sounds really good ..actually..i would tweek it with a bit of curry perhaps with my cooking.
                  Thanks for the imput.
                  Still debating.
                  Restaurant Eugene-Marta to Lindburgh-taxi to restaurant-early reservation . or
                  Buccanalia- Taxi from Downtown-to arrive at 6pm reservation from GWCC.
                  So tough..Fois Gros / Sweetbreads / Caviar / kind of on my mind.

        2. re: rcburli

          Having read the thread, I would endorse this suggestions as a good way to enjoy foods in the area. ESS will definately give you a "new south viewpoint." Decatur squre is a good time on a rail line.

      2. Just be glad you didn't go to Nicholai's. They have a horrible reputation.

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        1. re: jethro stella

          Thank you Jetro stella. I have hear some really mixed reviews about them.

          1. re: jethro stella

            when did you go to Nikolais last--before you blast them you should eat there--ive been twice in the last few months and its very good--they get a 91% like it rating on urbanspoon--serviceis impeccable, food is reasonavby priced, views at dusk are great, small , only like 12 tables--asl for Bill as your waiter

          2. Had a wonderful meal at ESS - lots of options's a busy, fun restaurant and I observed many sitting at the bar so this might be nice if you're dining alone.

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              1. re: Daphna101

                **If you plan on having a designer Handbag with you, an iPad, & an iPhone with headphones..& being dressed up looking like $1,000.000 bucks...don't read this****

                $5 *round trip* bus ride from downtown ....Take the # 1 bus, OR the #12 bus, and both buses will take you to and from bacchanalia, Abattoir , and JCT kitchen.
                You would need to start at the corner of Marietta st & (Ivan Allen Jr. Blvd/Joseph E. Boone) **which is a block or 2 from the convention center you will be at**

                Also...the #12 bus will also take you to the midtown train station...which is a block & a half walk from Empire state south!
                "the MARTA buses in Atlanta are safe ...... if you use common sense"