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May 9, 2012 07:53 PM

Taiwanese Beef Noodle Soup at Cafe Opera in Ashburn

This is the real thing, a rich unctuous broth and fat noodles with lots of tender beef and a few snow peas (vegetables may vary). Nice and spicy. They gave me a little bit of mashed chilies in oil with garlic on the side, which made a tasty dipping sauce for bites of noodles and beef. Location is convenient to the big data center community up on Waxpool. House pickles are good too. An undiscovered treasure plus they have the General Tso's chicken or whatever for your non-foodie colleagues. They play AMAZING music too. Opera and jazz and whatnot -- I don't know what the soundtrack is but it works for me

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  1. Do they have anything authentic or traditional other than those two items?

    Their Web site (assuming it's actually theirs) wasn't much use.

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    1. re: KWagle

      No, there really isn't anything else of interest on the menu. The soup itself is a treasure, the restaurant itself is only a treasure in the context of the overall barrenness of Ashburn.

    2. Maybe I'm visiting the wrong parts of Taiwan but I've never seen snow peas in a Taiwanese beef noodle soup. It seems weird that they're adding it.