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May 9, 2012 06:53 PM

City Limits/White Plains

What's going on at City Limits. Sign says renovations and relaunch. Does that imply new menu with the new look?

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  1. My understanding is a combination of old favorites and some new items. Would love to see an expected grand re-opening date

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    1. re: wineconsul

      According to their FB page:
      "Our target goal is the first week of June, an exact date has not been set yet, keep checking back here for the details as they occur! "

      1. re: mrsdebdav

        Opening day was today. Interesting decor, same menu, however there are subtle differences, new wines, beers signature cocktails and some new menu items. They are aiming for a new bar clientele.

        1. re: slopeguy

          Passed by and the new sign looks very early 60's

          1. re: wincountrygirl

            Stopped in for a cocktail last night, nice bar, fully enclosed now, didn't eat anything, but the menu looked great and a couple next to me had the cod special which looked fantastic!

            1. re: owlwoman

              I passed by today and I thought the sign was hard to read in the daylight.

      2. re: wineconsul

        They reopened yesterday. We went for lunch and were very disappointed. It is very apparent that the Livano's brothers failed to supervise the construction. We were first seated on the main floor in one of their new booths... Oops no longer fit comfortably. What? The designer skimped on guest seating space to incorporate the new wood end caps. WOW. Looking around I see they didn't replace the weather worn skylights either. The bathrooms downstairs , no update.
        Yes the menu is back with some additions, but you will see. If and when the crowds return the newly designed bar area will be a fire hazard.

        1. re: wineconsul

          not sure that I agree about the bar area wineconsul, but I will point out that they have expanded their beer and wine list. The food is still the same with some minor changes. Should be interesting to see how this plays out.

          1. re: slopeguy

            it will play out without me, hated the place before and doesn't sound like the changes are enough to change my mind