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May 9, 2012 06:45 PM

Cheap Eats Dublin & Galway


I'm off to Ireland for 10 days with a friend and we're splitting our vacation time between Galway and Dublin. We both appreciate good food and we're looking for some great places to eat. We're traveling on a shoestring so I'm counting on you guys for great, inexpensive recommendations.

We have done a little research and so far The Pig's Ear and The Exchequer in Dublin as well as McDonagh's in Galway have made the cut.


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  1. Pig's Ear and Exchequer are great but not exactly "shoestring" budget venues. Dublin, and even more so Galway, is not cheap to eat out. If you could give a little more info about your budget it might be easier to give the most appropriate recommendations.

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      Patricko, thanks for the prompt reply. Maybe "shoestring" was not the right word to use. Great meals around 20 euros (or less) is what we're looking for. Quickly looking at the Pig's Ear I see a nice 2 course lunch menu for 16 euros, which is right up our alley. The Exchequer also appears to have many great options around that price.

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        That gives a little more scope for recommendations!

        On South Frederick Street there is a new restaurant called Bite ( and right opposite is a great spot for an inexpensive lunch and a glass of good Italian wine
        )There are a few hip places for cheap eats owned by the same people, all with different concepts..Crackbird is a really tasty fried chicken place, Bear serves steak in it's many different forms and Skintflint does grilled pizza. All are fun, hip and have good quality food.