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May 9, 2012 06:06 PM

Teen Friendly Place CT Shoreline

Looking for a place to grab dinner with a friend and our two teen sons. I would be great if someone could recommend a place with something for teens to do when they get bored:
1. Pool Table
2. Dart Board
3. Foosball table
4. Shuflleboard

I would be open to a cool food place with a nearby activity that we could hit. Restaurant with a bowling ally or arcade nearby.

There are places like this in RI like Dave & Busters, Rick's Roadhouse, etc, hoping someone can identify a similiar place in CT.

A good sports bar that would be tolerant of well behaved teenaged boys could be good as well.

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  1. It's not quite on the shoreline, but Oliver's restaurant and tavern qualifies on the other counts. Food is decent, burgers good. There is a sports bar (with TV's), a game room (with pool table), and a dance floor. I'd say that adults might enjoy the Copper Beech or Gabrielles, or the Griz (all in Essex) better, but Oliver's would appeal more to teenagers.

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      DonShirer. Thanks so much Olivers looks absolutely perfect! Love Chowhound. I let you know how it was Sunday morning. Thanks again.


    2. DonShirer. Thanks Oliver's was perfict. Food was exactly as you described (decent). I had wings that were fine. Had a ceasar salad that was aweful. Deserts were homemade and looked very good. Nice beer selection! Had Goose Island Honkers!!!!!

      Game room was perfect for the kids.

      Plus they had the Rangers game on and they won game 7. Tons of Rangers fans.

      Perfect for what I was looking for.

      Thanks again

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        You are very welcome! Goose Island Honkers!?!? That I'm going to have to try.