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May 9, 2012 06:05 PM

Help design my next meal

I thought this would be fun.

I bought a bunch of red and yellow bell peppers at the market today as well as those thin Israeli cucumbers. I have a bag of medium pink shrimp and a partial bag of Patagonian scallops in the fridge that I was thawing. Help me put together a dish.

My pantry and fridge is pretty stocked with the normal stuff and well as more exotic stuff.

My first thought was a seafood paella stuffed pepper but I'm looking for suggestions and would love to hear your thoughts as well. I may or may not have all the ingredients that are suggested but it doesn't matter. Let er rip!

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  1. Maybe because you listed produce first, my thoughts went to a colorful salad. Maybe a ceviche piled in the middle of a plate of mixed diced peppers? Probably because I just read this:

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      Love ceviche and the peppers would look nice and add some crunch

    2. What about seafood tacos? I prefer to fry up corn tortillas than use the crunchy store-bought shells for fish tacos and then you can use any seasoning and toppings. I like cilantro, peppers, shredded cabbage soaked in a little citrus juice (lemon, lime- even orange).

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        I'm a sucker for anything in a tortilla and fish/seafood tacos are my favorite

      2. I make scallop cakes using processed scallops as a binder. I bet that would work with the shrimp. Cook the shrimp, then chop. Throw the scallops in a food processor and let it whir. Scrape that into a bowl, add an egg, seasoning and a bit of breadcrumbs or flour (you won't need much since the scallops mush will set as it cooks). Form into patties and pan-fry. Roast or grill the peppers until charred and then steam them so you can peel off the skins. Use that to make a nice roasted red pepper pesto to serve over the top.

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          I recently made a shrimp/scallop cake and posted about it on the "what's for dinner #142 and 143 thread. Love them and the thought crossed my mind to do them again.

        2. Slice the bell peppers into long strips about 1/2 inch wide. Grill and baste with a lemon-based vinaigrette. I'm not familiar with Israeli cucumbers, but you could probably do the same with those. Saute the shrimp with some garlic. Saute the scallops with some ginger and green onions. Toss everything together and serve with a heaping of Basmati rice.

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          1. All good responses. Thanks!

            I guess I had paella on my brain but didn't stuff the peppers. Just used them in the paella.
            The shrimp and scallops were just cooked through and worked really well in this dish. The sushi rice sub for Bomba was just cooked through but still a tad firm which was my target.

            made a salad of tomato and cucumber

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              1. re: raytamsgv

                Thanks. I have not done paella much at all. Yellow rice and chicken, yes but for some reason have never been happy with my previous paellas. This one did meet my expectations and has given me the confidence to make it again with more land based ingredients as well.

                In the end I left it up to my dinning partner in life to decide given the options but really appreciate all the wonderful responses in this short exercise.