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May 9, 2012 06:04 PM

Bordentown - Trenton -Princeton Area - Party for 25


I was hoping for some help. I am getting married September in Bordentown. I am from northern NJ and not too familiar with the area and would like to have our rehearsal dinner in or near Bordentown. I would be willing to have it in Princeton as I have heard some nice things. We are looking for a moderate to expensive restaurant ($40-$50 per person) and still open on the cuisine but was thinking Italian, American or French. We are lookiing at having about 25 people for this dinner.

I have had some great recomendatiuons in the past from chowhound so know that those familiar with the area would have some great recomendations.

And if you have any good suggestions of hotels with good breakfasts, I look forward to that as well.

Thank you in advance!

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  1. You should look into Mastories ( ) It fits your price point well, the food is always very good, and there is always some event, so they handle those well. The food is very good, the steaks and chops (lamb, pork) are the best.

    1. I've done several group dinners at Tre Piani in Plainsboro that were very well received -

      1. You might want to consider the Farnsworth House in Bordentown . We had an excellent meal there about a week ago. Although I haven't been up there, I believe they have a separate dining room on the second floor that could accomodate your party. They also have a separate banquet menu.

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          As had been mentioned in previous threads, Eno Terra, in Kingston (just north of Princeton) would make a good venue. Elements and Peacock inn could also be considered.

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            Eno Terra is a perfect place for what you are looking for. Would be able to give you a private room upstairs overlooking the restaurant.

        2. I would not use Mastoris. I love the place, but it's more "funeral lunch" imho than "rehearsal dinner" - I kid you not, every funeral lunch I have ever gone to (not to mention a few showers) has been held at Mastoris. They do an EXCELLENT job, but it's not really rehearsal dinner quality.

          Farnsworth House does some lovely events. I've been out of the area for some time, but you may want to consider Under The Moon, since they have a new larger location, for something kinda "funky". Not sure if they do events, but the food was wonderful when I ate there, and the staff was very warm and attentive.

          I'm sure you could find something good in Princeton, but I'm no longer super-familiar with those restaurants. Tre Piani was always uniformly good.

          As for hotels with good breakfasts in Bordentown... I think you may be out of luck. You might want to reserve something in that case at Mastoris, as they kinda specialize in that.

          1. This is not the Mastoris of old. The service from the hostess to the cashier is mediocre at best. The incompetent waiter was assigned to teach the trainee. Come on. It took 1 hour to get a shrimp cocktail and hummus platter. No cooking involved. The food is plentiful but not great enough to come back for. After 40 years of patronizing this place it has gone down hill over the years and with the new management I am done. Off my list.

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              I agree with your opinion of their demise in food quality and service. When did they get new management? Does the new managemet also apply to Alstarzs Sports Pub across the street?