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Looking For Restaurant With Great Bone Marrow / Marrow-Based Dish

Hi all,

Strange request, but my friend is pregnant and craving it... Anyone know of good braised meats with bone marrow (eg. Osso Bucco, short rib with marrow crust) or marrow, itself dishes at a nice, not super expensive restaurant in West L.A, Santa Monica, Pacific Palisades, Malibu, Agoura, Westlake, or Thousand Oaks? Thanks!

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  1. Tar & Roses, the new place by Andrew Kirschner, has a bone marrow dish on the menu. Located in Santa Monica.

    1. Pizzeria Mozza's Bone marrow al forno. $12.

      1. Mozza has a large and tasty portion with toast.

        1. The sul lung tang at Han Bat.

          1. Animal's, marrow bone, chimichurri, caramelized onions $10. Fit t'eat.

            1. Waterloo & City sometimes offers a bone marrow pot pie that is very good--with a big marrow bone in the center.

              1. Library Bar
                ROAST MARROWBONES…$9
                shaved fresh horseradish, shallots and parsley with
                grilled ciabatta

                1. Boneyard Bistro has a hickory smoked bone marrow on their menu.

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                    If you are talking TO and WLV then try the osso bucco at Viva La Pasta in Wood Ranch/Simi Valley. This is close to the 23 freeway. This is a great Italian place that is not at all expensive. They also have a restaurant in Moorpark but I cannot vouch for it as I have never been.

                  2. The bone marrow flan at Cut is unusual and delicious. You can even sit at the bar and order it and avoid the restaurant proper if you would like. If I recall correctly it was around $16?

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                      I second the bone marrow flan. It's amazing.

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                        +2. I think the side dishes at Cut are better than the steaks.

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                          Except for the American wagyu porterhouse for two that I had the first time I went to Cut, which is the best steak I have ever had, I would tend to agree with you.

                    2. Madame Chou Chou has a delicious (and garlicky) version

                      1. If you are looking for something a bit more casual:

                        the Fathers Office in Culver City (which has more food options than the Santa Monica location) has roasted bone marrow on the menu. It's served simply with toast, a little sea salt and some cilantro/shallots/capers

                        I don't recall the price, but it isn't unreasonable.

                        1. Tuna vertebra with pulp/marrow, when in season, at Kiyokawa (on Robertson)...

                          1. The Spice Table's bone marrow w/ prawn sambal is pretty damn good.

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                              The prawn saved the dish for me, I didn't like the marrow very much. It could (and should) have been cooked down more IMHO.

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                                I can definitely see that. The food and execution there seem to be quite erratic.

                            2. Laurel Tavern in Studio City does a very nice version of the marrow. Fun place but if you are of the older and less energetic stage in life (describing me) go early. If you are of that stage and like seeing the "meet market" trend setting group go later, but be prepared to wait.

                              1. Although I have never had anything remotely resembling a good meal at Comme Ca, their bone marrow really stands out in large part to the side of oxtail jam on the side. I find the rest of their food meh.

                                I had this amazing osso bucco pasta at one of the Scuola di Pizza's pasta dinners earlier this year. The pasta was made with saffron and had this perfectly roasted marrow bone in the center, just waiting to be folded into the ragu. I wish Mozza would put that on their permanent menu. It was pretty darned perfect.

                                If you are ever in Vegas, the bone marrow ravioli at B&B are outrageously good.