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May 9, 2012 05:17 PM

Japanese Restaurants in Denver

My son loves Japanese food and we're looking for someplace to eat one night on our next visit. Two places seem promising, Sushi Den and Domo. We'll be staying in the CBD, but don't mind a short walk or taxi ride if the food is worthwhile. Any experiences with these two places? Is one considerably better than the other? Other suggestions would be greatly appreciated as well. Thanks for your help.

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  1. I have never been to Domo, but hear good things, if you know what to expect. It's a traditional japanese restaurant, not a sushi restaurant. Sushi Den and Domo couldn't be more different and still both be the same cuisine.

    For sushi, hard to go wrong with Sushi Den; Sushi Sasa is another one I hear recommended frequently.

    Izakaya Den (owned by the sushi den folks) is another option.

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      Thank you LD, I appreciate your comments. I could tell from photos on Yelp, that the food served at Domo and Sushi Den were quite different. And I like your comment that they couldn't be more different yet the same cuisine. We're simply looking for the best quality, tasty fare and both restaurants seem to fit the bill. We'll probably choose one or the other depending how we feel, whether we are in the mood for sushi or a more traditional kind of set meal.

      1. re: curiousgeo

        For what it's worth, I tried Domo a few months ago for the first time and was disappointed. The atmosphere is amazing - it feels like you're in the Japanese countryside - but the food was just OK. I found a lot of things sort of bland, maybe because this is very "traditional" Japanese country food and I'm used to more boldly-flavored city cuisine.

        Sushi Den is great, but I like Izakaya Den (across the street) even better - you get the same quality of sushi, but also a lot of very creative Japanese and Japanese fusion small plate options as well. It's much slicker and more modern than Domo, but I also found the food to be much more exciting.

        1. re: monopod

          For a less expensive option, you might try Kiki's on Colorado Blvd just south of Evans. It's really tiny, but really good. It's just north of Discount Tire.

          I think also - downtown in Sakura Square - there are probably a few places to eat there.
          Also - on 15th - At Wazee, I think - there is Sushi Sasa. Kinda spendy, but very good.

          1. re: monopod

            Thanks for your comments and suggestions, I'll certainly look into them. Izakaya Den and Kiki's sound interesting!