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May 9, 2012 05:12 PM

dinner recommendations for vancouver for 30 yo lone traveler?

hi. i'm 30, from nyc, will be spending a few days alone in vancouver in june. looking for dinner recommendations. good food is a priority but as i'll be dining alone, the atmosphere is extra important. please no romantic spots where i'll be among exclusively couples on dates. so a fun spot, where eating at the bar is an option (not a requirement), maybe live music or other entertainment, cost is not a concern. i intend to stay by yaletown without a car but am willing to travel within reason. my trip to vancouver is during the week but i will be in town on friday night still. open to all cuisines. also, what is prime dinner time in vancouver? many thanks!

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  1. Two places off the top of my head - L'Abattoir and Boneta.

    1. Bin941 (tapas) is a quick walk from Yaletown (about 5-10 minutes, straight up Davie Street). It's a bit cramped inside and there's no live entertainment but it's fairly lively and you can watch the cooks working if you're at the counter or sit at the bar; I've often seen lone diners there. I love the scallop w/leek tempura. You can see pics of the interior by clicking "peek a boo" on their site.
      941 Davie Street

      I'd also hit up an izakaya -- my favourite is Kingyo. It's sort of on the other end of downtown from Yaletown (maybe a half hour walk) but it's an area you may want to visit, anyway, as it's near the beach.
      871 Denman Street

      Guu is another izakaya and it has several locations downtown. The Robson location is probably best for a lively atmosphere. At the Gastown spot, the kitchen isn't very central, so you don't see as much of the shouting of orders between staff, etc. Garden is also more subdued. Thurlow is ok. Tip: if you do happen to seek out the "Garden" location of Guu, be sure not to mix it up with Gyu, which is in the same building -- Guu is upstairs.

      I'd say 7pm is busy time but it can vary, of course.

      1. You seem fairly outgoing from the tone of your post so honestly I would say walk around and hit almost anywhere that looks and feels good to you. All of my American friends have pointed out the same thing to me when hanging out in Vancouver "You're all so effing FRIENDLY!!!". You can go just about anywhere and someone is likely gonna talk to you and make you feel welcome.

        That's just my general recommendation though. fmed, greyelf and Sam Salmon are great sources for any and anything you want to eat though.

        Hope you have an awesome time.

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          I completely disagree I think Vancouverites are polite but not overly friendly compared to most other places , SF for example is much "friendlier"

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            If anything, I find Vancouver's service/hospitality industry rather indifferent most of the time, often with that "it's good enough, let's not go the extra mile" or "I don't want to be here" attitude. No wonder we love crossing the border to eat & shop Stateside.

        2. Any of the izakaya restaurants would be great.. you can dine right at the bar... Guu, Kingyo, Happa, Ebisu (Robson), etc...

          Santouka Ramen is a personal favourite spot for ramen. I rarely eat alone but would definitely eat ramen alone.

          1. I'd say prime dinner time in Vancouver would be between 7 and 9pm, but others may disagree.