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May 9, 2012 05:00 PM

Block Island dinner?

For early June and trying to decide between
The Atlantic Inn
1661 inn
Dead eye Dicks
The national hotel

Just looking for best food and reliable. We eat pretty much everything. Thanks for any thoughts!

Ps we already have plans for the Spring House one night

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  1. I wanted to go to Eli's last summer when I was out there but it just didn't work out, I have heard great things.

    I would not go to Dead Eyed Dicks I have been there a bunch of times and never had a good meal based on the price.

    I like The Oar, I think it is good food to price value.

    My father in law stays out there for a month every summer on his boat in new harbor and eats everywhere. He swears by the small restaurant in the Narragansett Inn by new harbor (near Dead Eyed Dicks). Nto many people even know they have a restaurant.

    There is also a place up the hill if you are facing the island when you get off the ferry. It is an outdoor place BYOB which is cool that has well made eclectic food. Had fun there once a couple of summers ago, but can recall the name.

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      Thanks for the tips. I am leaning towards Eli's. I think we have eaten at the Oar before and if I remember it was pretty good. The Narragansett isn't open till the 8th so we may wait for another time on that one. Thanks again!