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May 9, 2012 04:50 PM

Pure mustard oil, preferably in Astoria

I'm looking for pure mustard oil. The only mustard oil I could find at Trade Fair was blended with soya oil and doesn't have nearly the flavor I'm looking for. I know there are issues with selling it in the USA, but has anyone seen the pure oil for sale? Preferably in Astoria, but I'm willing to go to Jackson Heights.


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  1. I get mine at Patel's in Jax Heights. Did you try the little Bangladeshi grocery at B'way & 31st St. They might have it. Don't be deterred by the warning label: "Not for consumption." It's some import technicality. Totally fine to cook with. (And some people use it to moisturize their hair too -- dual purpose!)

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    1. re: CitySpoonful

      Just picked up a bottle of what appears to be pure mustard oil at the place on 31st. Thanks! They had three brands. Do you have a preference?

      1. re: versicle

        what are the 3 brands? i have had good luck with Tez (or Taaza) -- something with a T & a Z (sorry! that rec requires some guessing on your part!)

    2. any of the Indian groceries in Jackson Heights will have it.

      1. agree with Patel in J. Heights, as long as it says, "for external Use only" its pretty pure!