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May 9, 2012 04:18 PM

Trendy dinner 6th or near--KGB or Itineraires?

Pardon the lack of accents. Spent an inordinate amount of time on Le Fooding but never got to KGB last time we were in Paris. Now Itineraires looks tempting. Want a trendy/modern place to try. Something other than typical Bistro--already eating at Le Timbre, Dans Les Landes, l'Agrume, Les Papilles. Have to decide, only one night left. (Also, Sunday, but is anything open Dimanche?!)

Between these two or other thoughts entirely?

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  1. Have only been to Itineraires and not KGB but I would say that Itineraires should be a good fit for you based on what you are looking for - good food but not bistro food, more creative

    1. I was very disappointed at Itineraires.

      DLL is open on Sunday as is Semilla. Semilla is also on the trendy side and I liked it in April shortly after it opened.

      1. Terroir Parisien at rue des Ecoles/ rue Monge in the 5th

        La Société on the place St Germain (ok, ok, I know it's standard Chowhound practice to sneer at Costes restaurants but this one is super trendy and really quite good)

        Both are Sunday options.

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        1. re: Parnassien

          LS is REALLY trendy. Dress accordingly and be prepared to act cool. :)

          1. re: mangeur

            Mme Mangeur, you and I ARE cool... no acting necessary :)

            1. re: mangeur

              Is Bushwick hipster trendy enough?
              Though I do have refined edges, not full on like the defining natives of the area.
              I hope that some Euro gloss does not cost me points in the eyes of the cool.
              Actually, I have given up my most extreme hipster attribute.Uh oh, I might not be allowed back into Brooklyn either.

              Please, oh, please, let me in and do not spit in my food or maybe right on my dipster shoes.

              What is quite amusing is that French visitors love the area. Not sure why.
              And talk about 'tude, it is like the worst of Parisians except across the board instead of mere instances.
              And while nobody should be an uppity *()#&@, they are far less deserving of this status
              than Parisians.
              Most anywhere in Paris is far better though I get that not all French visitors are from Paris.

              Could you compare the quality of food at La Societe to some of the usual suspects on the board? I have not eaten at so many restaurants in Paris as to have reference beyond all those that you tire of speaking about(and I completely understand), I am mostly a shop fiend.
              I am just curious if there is somewhere that is good enough for moi that I don't just skip eating(my usual way around the rubbish restaurant issue) and I can bring some people who are into a scene and what not AND is in this tricky area since travel might not be an option. Totally against my ways, I only go out to eat somewhere for the food and 'travel' is never an issue but even I must cave once in awhile. Plus, I never noticed this place before.
              Feel free to mention other spots or berate me for not researching. I was just perusing the board, really, and just happened upon this and thought to ask. Hardly urgent. And I know that you get all around town, Parnassien, if you know what I mean.
              Just being cheeky, not actually making any salope/salaud
              Actually, I think you have good, broad and thoughtful posts.

              Merci Beacoup

              1. re: dietndesire

                Ooooh... Sorry to upset or mislead. My only experience/relationship with LS is standing across Boneparte waiting for the #95 or # 39 bus, watching limos and Bentleys disgourging 5'10" blonde sylphs on the arms of well dressed uncles or agents. The food may well be very good and the arrivals I witnessed may be aberrations, so go, be yourself and report back.

                1. re: mangeur

                  Oh, no worries, all good fun. This sounds more up class than youthful trendy(bobo or whatever you like) but I have no fear of the 1.78m sylph(blonde or otherwise).
                  In fact, I might bring one in the entourage up to 1.8m, myself. But any more stretched than that and then add spikes and I admit that I get a complex.
                  Will wait for Parnassien to chime in about the vittles.

                2. re: dietndesire

                  Oops, the words "hip" and "St Germain des Prés" are not usually uttered in the same sentence. "Trendy", yes. "Chic", yes. Hip, rarely. La Société is a sort of clubby jetsetter place with a design that appeals to folks who read "Wallpaper" and a cuisine that's just on the brink of fusion but remains firmly tied to a "newyorkais" version of French. Very flexible menu with lots of dishes meant to be shared and continuous service from breakfast to 2am. Just like the clientele, a lot of attention goes towards presentation. Despite the glamour, the food is surprisingly good... indeed, probably the best of the style bunch (Hotel Costes, l'Avenue, Kong etc). And the servers are ( o my god!) likable. It becomes much more of a see-and-be-seen scene after 10pm, especially on Sunday nights. Unless you're fed up with corner bistros and bobo caves à manger in the 10th, the international vibe probably won't appeal to most tourists. I recommended it because the original poster's handle was "birkinista" and la Société seems to be a favourite haunt of Birkin-bag types.

            2. Usually in Paris, trendy food and good food do not mix. One has to make a choice.

              1. Neither KGB or Itineraries are particularly trendy. But what do you mean by trendy? To some is a glam place to be seen, but to me it is a trendy restaurant is one with a chef really doing exciting things. I agree with Parigi chart is it is the "in scene" you look for then the food won't be great. But if you want a place with all the foodinistas (instead of fashionistas) then places like Agape Substance sound idea - but alas not open Sunday. Try Dans Les Landes or Semilla for Sunday food.