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May 9, 2012 04:05 PM

Anything New In Natick/Framingham?

Looking for an alternative to British Beer Company, to watch the Celtics tomorrow night. I thought there was something new along route 9 (maybe where Papi's place used to be?) but can't find anything online. Any suggestions? Casual, good food.

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  1. There is still nothing in the old Big Papi's space.John Harvard's across Rte 9 is similar to BBC.

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      Pretty sure that entire building (former Big Pappi's) is going to be torn down, and a new one placed in a slightly different location on that site. Watching the Natick Planning Board meetings, seems that the current building straddles the Natick:Framingham line, and the replacement is gong to be totally within Natick.

    2. The newest place would be O'connell's Sports Bar a little further west or Angry Ham's at the 126 ramp.

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        one would think that most hams are angry....

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          Must be angry to have chosen that name.

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            There isn't much new in the area especially in regards to casual places to watch a game with good food. You could always do the bar area of Legal, the bar area of Joe's in Shopper's World (I much prefer their food to John Harvard's) or the bar area of Firefly's. Certainly none of these suggestions are going to offer superb food but if you are just looking for some beers and a burger/sandwich while you watch the game, you could do worse. For all the restaurants in the area, it is sorely lacking in casual places with above average food. A good pub with some creative food would make a killing.

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              Actually, a little less bar-like, but still with a TV for watching the game, Ten-Ichi, "dynamic fusion cuisine" is fast becoming one of our favorite places for Asian small plates...Big space, but their bar is separated by a low wall, and has a TV...