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May 9, 2012 04:04 PM

Ideas for kebabs needed

I'm having 8 people over this weekend for a casual dinner and the only thing I could think of to accommodate all the dietary restrictions was to make a variety of kebabs on the grill. I was going to do a beef or lamb kefta kebab,
shrimp, red pepper and sausage or cilantro lime shrimp
halloumi, pepper, mushroom and red onion

And maybe something featuring pork or chicken or scallops.

I'd like to have about 2-3 dipping sauces to go with the kebabs. Tzatziki makes sense for the kefta but not much else. Any ideas?

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  1. I would try to stick to one or two cuisines that are complementary. If you are going Greek with the lamb kefta then you can go a similar direction with the seafood, chicken and sausage. Like shrimp marinaded in EVOO, garlic, oregano, cumin......

    I think this would work well and it's easier than trying to blend Greek and Thai for instance.

      1. If you are grilling meat, definitely add toum to your list of dips. Lebanese garlic sauce is brilliant with kebabs. Tarator, tahini sauce with lemon juice, garlic and a pinch of cumin, stays regional and is quicker to whip up. It is my standard sauce for kebabs. You should also consider adding some bright herbal flavors to the dips. Chimichurri would be an obvious and could go with the shrimp, the kofta and the cheese equally. I like to modify mine by adding fresh mint to add some freshness to it. For those that need a kick, think about keeping some hot sauce on hand.

        1. with just 8 peeps, 3 versions are fine. the beef or lamb (i vote lamb). lemon-garlic shrimp with peppers and the halloumi with cherry or grape tomatoes. this gives you a meat, a fish and a veg option.