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May 9, 2012 01:53 PM

Akron restaurant recs

We're heading to the Bonnie Raitt concert on a Wed. in a couple weeks at the Akron Civic Theater and are looking for a place to eat before the concert. Here are the particulars: there are two of us, adventurous eaters, open to all the usual cuisines, have limited familiarity with Akron area but do have a GPS, price range up to $60 per person for app, entree, two drinks. The important criteria is we would like to get something within a 10 mins. drive from the theater since we're coming from about 50 miles away and due to work scheds. won't have too much time before the show. Ken Stewarts is of course great, but with the prices he charges would rather be able to take our time if eating there. Hope someone can help.


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  1. Among your closest choices would be Crave and Luigi's. My husband and I have been to both once (need to go back!) for dinner and liked it. Since we have a 3 yr old, we don't get out much. LOL. Anyway, the pizza at Luigi's is quite good, and, if you care, it's the restaurant that Montoni's of Funky Winkerbean (comic strip by Tom Batiuk) fame is modeled after. Luigi's is casual Italian. Crave is upscale, trendy but tasty.

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      Another vote for Luigi's. Great pizza. Cash only.

      1. Lockview is across the street from the Civic and it is very casual sandwich place.

        The Bombay Grill on West Market is above average Indian food but it might be just outside of your 10 minutes, unless traffic is light on 77 and rt-59.

        Crave on East Market is within walking distance and it could be a fun place.

        Akron doesn't have any really memorable Asian restaurants, but the House of Hunan is 2 blocks east of the Civic on Main Street

        1. You could try 3 Point, which is next door to Crave. A little upscale and, IMO, a better bet than Crave. Another choice would be The Office on N. Main st. Probably a 5 minute drive to The Civic. Both are good options.

          1. Not a fan of Luigi's. At all. They do not treat employees well and their pizza is not that great. We are going to the concert, too. Might give 3 point a try. Menu looks decent.

            1. i went to ohio brewing company brewpub a couple summers back. nice place and while the food was ok if not memorable, some of the beer was.

              swenson's is of course a classic and the first thing that comes to mind for me in akron, but prob not what you are looking for. also, sorry to hear vegiterranean closed :(