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How do you keep track of all the places you want to try?

I've been battling this for awhile...I have items saved in my bookmarks at home and at work, places that I've emailed to my spouse ("We need to go here!!"), places bookmarked on my phone, bookmarked on yelp, etc.

Finally today I started to create a spreadsheet listing all the restaurants/food stores I want to try, in different categories...there's tabs for pizza, middle eastern, caribbean, indian, etc, and also one for ingrediants listing places to get...well, ingrediants. I list the name of the place, their location/hours, and also any comments (a particular sandwich they're known for, etc)

Anyone else do anything like this? I think it will help be more organized...

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  1. I am a pretty avid Yelper as well as a a member here, and Yelp has a function that allows you to bookmark a site for future reference.

    1. There's a great app called Smorgie. You can access it on you computer by going to their website http://smorgie.com/ or download the app to your phone. I like it because you can create lists - I have places I want to try, places I love, places I want to go in certain cities when we travel. You can also interact with other users if you want & look at their lists. You can search by restaurant names or location.

      1. Old School Technology...

        I just keep a simple Spiral Steno Notebook broken down into categories / classification. When I see or read about a place, I enter it into notebook. It has three sections....New Jersey, New York and Other States. I enter the name, address and telephone number under the appropriate heading, e g., Burgers, Pizza ,Steak, Barbecue, Chinese, Italian and etc.

        I keep this notebook with me in the car, and whenever I'm on the road I can pull it out and find a place for the area I'm in.

        1. Urbanspoon has a wishlist. It keeps track of all the restaurants you want to try by the city/area they are located.

          1. I have bookmark in favorites and save the links. The main bookmark is broken down into categorie-location and cuisine.

            1. Spreadsheet, sorted by town. (I only do it for instate places)

              1. I use EverNote on my phone, partly because it syncs with my PC. I make separate notes for cities outside my home area. I also still keep a bound notebook that I started way pre-smartphone just because I was to lazy to transfer that info. New stuff gets added to EverNote exclusively.

                For serious eating/food trips, I make a separate small pocket size Moleskine notebook. Often these are sectioned into attractions and eating with cross references for things that are close to each other. For Paris, specifically, I've got everything sorted by Arrondissement. Bonus that these little books make a fun and repeatedly useful souvenir.

                1. Very low tech - my list is a Word document.

                  Two sections. Places to try & places tried. Currently stands at 5 in the former category and 148 in the latter.

                  1. You can always use Google bookmarks to access them from any computer.

                    1. In my head?

                      There can't be more than 2 dozen places near me that I want to try at any given point in time. So I keep a running list in my head. A simple Internet search will give me any establishments I may have forgotten...