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May 9, 2012 01:42 PM

Halal Lamb

One of my coworkers came to me for my expertise about where he can find halal lamb in the lower mainland. He lives on the shore, but would be willing to drive to get it. He came to me because I can typically answer his questions pretty easily, but halal is not something I tend to pay attention to...

Does anyone know of any good sources for halal meats and especially lamb? Any particular good butcher shops?

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  1. what does that entail? they slit the lamb's throat while it is still alive and hang it upside down, right?

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      It depends on the buyer's motivation. If it is for religious reasons the place should be certified. Also, connoisseurs of halal meats are able to taste if butchering was done properly. Jamal from the now closed Seri Malaysia said he didn't serve goat because he couldn't find a source that butchered it properly. The meat he was able to source tasted odd to him.

      1. re: fmed

        In this case, my coworker is religious. Given that he is a long time resident of the north shore, I'm pretty sure he'd have checked Yaas, but I'll mention it to him as somewhere to call and check tomorrow regardless. Same with Fraserview Meats.

        There's a strong chance of me getting rewarded with figs and pistachios for this, so I highly appreciate any and all help!

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            fmed: Thanks for that link. I passed it on to him and he's excited to start looking around.

          2. re: thatwhileifound

            When I lived in NorVan I loved Yaas. It was walking distance (2 blocks), the butcher dude would do "any" cut you wanted from anything he had in front or back. and it was ALWAYS awesome.

            Problem with this rec is that was about 6 years ago. :( Out in Walnut Grove now and wish I could have brought Yaas with me.

        1. re: 1newyorkguy

          basically same thing as Kosher meat.

          1. I recommend Fraserview Meats on Fraser and 49th-ish.

            1. Another to try is Tibisti at 6990 Victoria. Very good selection of all halal meat, and they will custom cut as your friend wants if you call.