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Aug 11, 2003 11:46 AM


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can anyone tell me if toots lagoon or tuck box are still good for a small meal?

how about the chart house in monterey? do they have the great salad bar like the one in tahoe?

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  1. Tuck Box is a cute place for breakfast, but nothing extraordinary. My daughter loved it when she was little, probably because it looks like something out of "The Wind in the Willows". They have an interesting breakfast porridge that's a mix of many grains - very different - and their take on scones is more like a thick but light pancake, split, and served in wedges. It will fill the breakfast bill just fine, but I wouldn't put it on the "don't miss" list.

    1. Toot's Lagoon does not exist anymore. I found the place that replaced it to be very forgetable.

      For a good small lunch I would recommend La Cannele in the Crossroads in Carmel.

      1. We had a good light meal at Patisserie Boissiere in the Carmel Plaza several years ago. Had a great french onion soup, wife had their scallops and shrimp over rice which was excellent. Small, pleasant restaurant. I believe it is still there.

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          We just ate at Patisserie Boissiere Restaurant in Carmel on 12/23/06 and it is not only still there, but very popular. We popped in at 1:30 p.m. and while other restaurants on Ocean were half empty, we had to wait for a table at Patisserie.

          I find it very charming, like a tea room with a fire place. We had the pasta, vegi burger and a puff pastry wrapped around vegis. For dessert, the chocolate gnache cake.

          Everything was great. Our server was a bit flakey as she never returned after dropping off the food and my dd wanted ketchup and I needed a refill for my iced tea. And then we needed the bill, and still no server. The co-owner noticed us and apologized profusely (as well as gave us a to-go eclair for our troubles)

          My fav spot in Carmel to have a nice lunch in a charming atmosphere.