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May 9, 2012 12:56 PM

CM's Passport France

i haven't made it yet...any particularly interesting products w/ this celebration? i remember there were some good suggestions when CM did their Passport Spain celebration last year.

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  1. We accidentally encountered the outdoor festival Wednesday. While things of this nature can be lame, I think that CM pulled that event off very well. The menu specials were entirely french that night. Didn't explore much in-store, but there's a flyer from last week that provides a lot of info. You can prob look that up.

    1. Went yesterday, just for a quick lunch, but ended out spending an hours afterwards roaming inside.

      CM had a bunch of sample tastings of French products I've never tried before.

      3 things I loved:

      1) Near the chips aisles, I tried samples of these:
      "Creperolles" - They taste like little pillows of cheese with crispy cracker-pastry layers surrounding them, all in the size of a goldfish cracker.
      In the store, the sample was Cheddar - delicious.
      Bought: the gouda - cumin flavor. Delicious with your favorite white wine.

      I know they were on CentralMarket's website somewhere, or maybe the flyer when you walk inside the store.
      From the web:

      2) I tried a new (to-me) french pastries that was delicious, though the ingredients were simple: Ka____ (need to look it up


      3) Perhaps the most delciious chocolate bar I've ever had: Maker was described as made by a "bean to bar" chocolatier in France
      I love almonds + chocolate
      the bar I bought was "Carmelized Almond with Chili and 55% milk chocolate"
      Was afraid the chili would be overpowering. It's very subtle. It's beautiful; the almonds are thicker than the choclate width, and are obviously carmelized and dusted with chili.

      Oh, and they have Duck eggs !!! Located on the end cap opposite the milk, with some other french dairy product.

      1. I dropped in yesterday for a quick run through the store and bought the ingredients for a nice dinner tonight.

        Pork and peppercorn sausages

        Baby carrots and fingerling potatoes, which I will roast and mix with a vinaigrette featuring the tarragon Dijon mustard from Edmund Fallot that I couldn't resist

        a wedge of mild Brie Ermitage

        a loaf of pain meunier, which is fabulous with the brie and Andresy fig preserves that I picked up

        Joseph Drouhin LaForet pinot noir

        I enjoyed the special signage referencing France and its culinary heritage and I wish that I could attend some of the special cooking classes/tastings. Also looking forward to seeing what is on special next week!

        1. Had a delicious mid-afternoon lunch thanks to 2 Passport France deli case items purchased earlier this week:

          1) Roasted Fennel
          with breadcrumbs and herbs on top
          Fennel is not always the first thing I'll order or reach for, but I loved this version. Something in the herbs + breadcrumbs is really good..

          2) I snagged the very last French Herbed Roti chicken
          the extra herbs gives it some but not a huge extra zing vs the regular chicken

          + a Becker Vineyards "springtime" white.

          I also restocked my popcorn supply of Rocky Mountain popped popcorn, butter flavor located in the gluten-free aisle, about mid-way, just below knee height, the stuff I wrote about here:

          and also orderable online by the case:

          and perfect for smuggling into movie theaters as a more delicious, non-GMO, inexpensive snack.

          I did NOT like the Ficelle bread. Too hard, + the prosciuto? or something similar added to it was too overpowering. I do not see the point of chip-a-tooth hard bread.

          However, the ficelle would be good for gently jabbing someone, giving a whack on the backside, or fencing.