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May 9, 2012 12:27 PM

Sonoma: Favorite Purveyors?

I am traveling with a small group of people to Sonoma in mid September for a weeks vacation. We are renting a house and our game plan is to spend the days visiting area wineries and markets and return to the house and prepare dinner and enjoy the "fruits" of our labor.

My question is this: Does anyone have some great local sources for picking up ingredients? Looking for small markets, farmers markets, artisans etc...

I am a chef and the kitchen in the house is fairly well equipped so we should be able to handle most anything..:)

Any suggestions you have will be appreciated

Thanks in advance!

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  1. Could you clarify: Sonoma the town, or elsewhere in Sonoma County?

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      We're staying just north of town (Aqua Caliente) venturing out to other areas during the day.. Hopefully that give you a little to go on

        1. re: Robert Lauriston

          Artisan Bakers no longer has retail storefront in Sonoma - their bread is available at every market in town

      1. Will you be in the Town of Sonoma or based elsewhere in Sonoma County? There are great purveyors throughout the greater area, and being more specific will let us hone in on the ones most convenient to you.

        Where do you live? If outside of California, I think you'll be impressed with our local foodshed.

        For the grape harvest of 2007, I made 30 meals from locally sourced ingredients for the Eat Local Challenge. Here's a link to a post with the daily menus that will give you an idea of the diversity of meats, seafood, cheese, breads, and produce available in the fall:

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          Found the great looking basic recipe Melanie, which calls for 4 Tbl rice wine vinegar, about how much Zin would you use to replace that amount? Also, care to reveal your spice blend? TIA



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            Posted to the original linked thread on Home Cooking.

        2. In downtown Sonoma on Tuesday evenings is their Farmer's Market with a ton of local purveyors. That would be your best bet for starters...

          There is also a shop called Sonoma's Best on the corner of East Napa Road and 8th Street that fits your criteria.

          1. Farmers market at the Civic Center in San Rafael Sunday and Thursday.

            Bud's Custom Meats in Penngrove.

            1. The Marin County Farmers' Market at the Civic Center in San Rafael is a must for killer produce, fresh juices, flowers and artisan products. Kid-friendly and a wonderful way to spend a Sunday morning. Maybe a 25 minute drive from Agua Caliente. Go early (I think it runs from 7:30 to noon) you will not be disappointed. The "farmers market" on the Square in Sonoma is not very good! It consists mainly of food truck vendors and craft/art items and little in the way of produce, flowers or artisan food items. There is a wonderful Whole Foods a few blocks from the Square and better than Sonoma Market on Napa St. Basque Boulangerie Café near the square has great artisan breads and baked goods. Absolute best breakfast is at The Big 3 (in front of the Sonoma Mission Inn) or the Garden Court Cafe and Bakery in Glen Ellen. Favorite restaurant in town of Sonoma is Le Haye. Have a great trip!

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                  There is some very good bread sold at the Sonoma Square Market. Mike the Bejkr turns out excellent loaves.

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                    Thanks for the reminder, wally. Here's more about the Bejkr.