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May 9, 2012 12:01 PM

Will a Gujarati thali place work in the Baltimore area?

Hey guys. Thinking of starting an Indian chaat and thali place in the Baltimore area (near Columbia/Ellicott City/Catonsville area) you think it will work?

I know many Gujaratis eat at home, but many don't have their parents here and miss that good home cooking food. Also, many non-Gujaratis want to eat/try Gujarati cuisine.

The concept will be pure vegetarian and will have:
- Chaats (chaat papdi, sev puri, dahi puri, samosa, cutles, pakodas, etc.)
- Gujarati food (khaman, dhokla, patra, khandvi, kachori, handvo, pau bhaji, vada pau, etc.)
- Gujarati Thali
- Rajastani Thali

The concept will be three dimensional:
1) Carryout (chaats, gujarati food, and even a tiffin)
2) Dine in (Thali)
3) Catering

Do you think this will work? Please give me your feedback. Thanks.

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  1. Personally, I love chaats and would be happy to go to one, but Columbia/Ellicott is too far away for me. I'd need something more central/north.

    1. Indian restaurants are popular in the area that you are considering. I've attached a link to the Howchow blog with reviews of Indian restaurants located in Howard County.

      Catonsville has several Indian restaurants.

      Hope this helps.

      1. I for one would drive from NoVa to your establishment- I <3 Gujarati pure veg and would die for some good Gujju and Rajasthani thali. Do you know of the Indian restaurant Rajdhani with branches all over India and the Mid East, I am fantasizing that your food will be as delicious as that sort of place with the thali set up.

        I would love some fresh dhokla or khaandvi. It's important that these things be high quality and fresh. In my experience with Gujju snack shops in Texas (barring Houston) dhokla and khaandvi were kept as weekend items because they weren't busy enough to sell these fresh every day and mainly sold chaat and thali. It would be exciting to get fresh, well made handvo, patri, khaman, etc

        In the entire Nova-DC-Baltimore region there is only one other establishment that would be similar, Pavan Foods mentioned in this thread:

        Best of luck with your venture.