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May 9, 2012 11:49 AM

Which high end places (twist, la atelier,etc...) have a bar menu?

I will be in Vegas next week and am eating at La atelier in monday. I will be there for 5 days and just need a few spots to go sit at the bar without a reservation (by myself).

I'm a chef so I'm open to anything but want to eat the best food possible as I dont get to do this often. I may go to Sage or Raku on Tuesday. Any ideas?

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  1. try the bar at sage. have a milan to manhattan cocktail and a great bar menu

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    1. Guy Savoy has a bar (Bubbles Bar) which serves small portions at (relatively) small prices; no reservations required.

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        +1 for Guy Savoy. Excellent food, five bites (small plates) for $50 and bread service. It really is an excellent value. Good champagne btg list too.

        1. re: palmdoc1

          thanks guys. I will definitely check out both next week.

          1. re: bmfood81

            Definitely check out Guy Savoy's Bubbles and Bites bar. It is less formal and the menu items are from the main dining room. The burger is amazing.

        2. re: Larry

          I am interested in Guy Savoy Bubble Bar since reading about it several years ago. I recall 4 small bites for $40 on that menu. However, the champagne by the glass prices scared me off! Has anyone been recently to confirm if bar food menu is still offered?

          1. re: zack

            I'm curious about this too... I could not find their menu online, does anyone have a clue where to find this? TIA!

        3. Definitely second the recommendation of the bar at Sage. Also, I always enjoy the bar at Bouchon...great oysters, terrific bistro food and nice ambiance. Although it's not a place for bar dining, I have dined alone at Le Cirque several times and have had really wonderful meals. Make a reservation for one, dress nicely and you will be treated wonderfully. If Ivo Angelov, the manager, knows you are a chef, I'd be surprised if you were not treated royally.

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          1. re: josephnl

            +1 for solo dining at Le Cirque. I've dined solo at Le Cirque three times, and have always been treated like royalty.

            1. re: ellenost

              Went back to Le Cirque last week for probably the 5th time, and the 3rd time solo. I was seated at one of the corner banquettes/booths which are probably the most coveted tables in the room. I was treated perfectly, and again had an outstanding meal. Two wonderfully whimsical new white asparagus and smoked salmon was accompanied by a perfectly poached egg yolk which had been breaded and deep fried! Unbelievable...the runny yolk was a delicious accompaniment to the dish! And now, the gorgeous and delicious chocolate souffles sports a ring of gold Le Cirque logos which look like they are printed onto the souffle! Amazing!!

              This is one outstanding restaurant where dining solo is welcomed by the gracious staff.

              On this most recent visit to LV, I also had a terrific solo meal at the bar at Sage. Excellent beer pairings there!

              1. re: josephnl

                Agree 100% with you about solo dining at both Le Cirque and Sage--fantastic food and wonderful service! Both restaurants are on my "must" list when I return to LV. Not sure whether I'll make a return visit next year since I've visited LV every year for the past 6 years.

                1. re: josephnl

                  Oh yeah, that white asparagus dish was great. Loved that fried egg.

            2. I went to Guy Savoy and they did not do a bar menu anymore. La Atelier was really good but didnt wow me, especially not for $300. Sage was just okay for me. Everything I had was really heavy for summer and the food wasn't that great in my opinion. Lotus of Siam was by far my favorite and I went there twice.