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May 9, 2012 11:47 AM

Dinner in Waltham moderate price

I am meeting some friends in the Waltham area for dinner Thursday. What would you recommend for a moderatly price place?

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  1. is it a steak tips and beer at Sadie's bunch? or house special thali at Kebab and Tandoor (no alcohol, halal place) bunch?

    is moderate, La Campania 1/2 plates with wine? or Erawan of Siam with beer?

    adventurous, like beef cheek tacos and quesadillas at Taqueria el amigo and then shots and beers and the tavern next door? or safe and mild like ale battered fish and chips at Watch City Brewing?

    need more to go on....

    1. Mulan for excellent chinese food. Tacqueria el amigo for good mexican. Or come into Watertown and go to strip-t's.