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May 9, 2012 11:46 AM

Old Madrid Hands (my parents) looking for new spots to try

Hi All:
I'm usually a poster on the New Jersey Board but my parents are in Madrid for 3 weeks--Dad is giving a lecture series at the Prado--and they're looking for new spots to try. They've eaten many meals at Balzac (which they feel has gone a bit downhill of late), Botin (to kick it old school), La Terraza, and the tapas bars on the street behind the Palace Hotel. There's another place, starts with a C--maybe Colimar?--that specializes in seafood, where they've eaten a few times, too. I think what they're really in search of is modern cuisine at reasonable enough prices. Yes, they can expense a few meals, but not most, so maybe 60-70euros/person would be good.

Any ideas? They'd really appreciate it, as will I! Thanks so much.


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  1. La Cesta de Recoletos on Calle (not the Paseo) Recoletos 10

    Taberneros on Calle Santiago 9 (between the Palacio Real and Plaza Mayor

    Cuenllas on Calle Ferraz 5, near Plaza de España

    L'Obrador on Calle Segovia 17, La Latina. L'Obrador is one of those restaurants where just the atmosphere makes it worth the visit. Located in the La Latina quarter, it is housed in an old building, typical of the area. It has maintained the charm and simplicity of this type of property, offering different atmospheres inviting to enjoy a nice soiree. Added to this is calle Segovia's very own charm, where they set up their terrace in the warm summer nights. Mediterranean-inspired fusion cuisine. Open: 1.30 pm - 5pm and 9 pm - 2.30 am (on Fri & Sat).

    Casa González on Calle de León 12, near Plaza de Santa Ana. Wine & cheeses.