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May 9, 2012 11:31 AM

1st Wedding Anniversary - Dinner in OC

I'm open to suggestions. Our anniversary falls in the middle of the week otherwise I'd try for a dinner in LA. But anywhere Newport, Laguna, CM works...

Just looking for something memorable and special in the end.

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    1. Not sure if they're open during the week, but The Golden Truffle is AMAZING. Don't be fooled by it's mini mall location. Mind blowing flavors and wine pairings. We almost had our rehearsal dinner there but it could not accommodate enough people.

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      1. re: LexiS

        I think they are closed for dinner Sun and Mon. I was considering them for my anniversary as well.

      2. I would second JAB's suggestion of Marche Moderne (located in South Coast Plaza), but the main question is how would you define 'memorable and special?'

        1. I really love Tabu. It is a small place on the way to S. Laguna. Food is excellent, service is good, and the place is dressed up in kind of a South Pacific/Indonesian feel. It is where I went for my 1st.

          Probably the best combo of food and view is the Studio at the Montage Resort, but it comes at a very steep price.

          Marche Moderne is a great choice for food, but I just can't get past the fast you are walking through South Coast Plaza to get there. At least with Charlie Palmer's you get a separate entrance and don't have to walk through the mall. MM may be lovely and romantic inside, but the walk in and out would kill the mood for me.

          If you want to spend a little less than these, you might consider cocktails at sunset on the Rooftop lounge and then dinner at K'ya in Laguna.

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            You can minimize the mall experience by parking on level 5 (I think) of the garage and taking the skybridge across, which ends right across from Marche Moderne.