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May 9, 2012 11:17 AM

Jardiniere - worth it? [San Francisco]

Saw a deal for a six course tasting menu for 2 at Jardiniere for $130 (reg price is $220), tax and gratuity is extra. I have not seen a lot of love for this restaurant on this board, but some of the complaints seem to be about very pricey food and comparatively small portions. For the regular price, I would not consider this place, but is this place worth it with the above deal. Of course if the food tastes crap, no place is worth it, deal or not. TIA.

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  1. the fact that they're resorting to these deal sites worries me....

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      True, but Saison seems to have some deal going on as well.

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        saison's deal is promoting a new tasting menuy that they just introduced at a very high price level, so it makes sense that they'd have a deal to encourage people to try it at a lower cost than normal.

        jardiniere's tasting menu has been around as long the restaurant itself, with the only increases in price being relative to inflation and the rest of the menu.

        the short answer is no, jardiniere is not worth it. the food isn't terrible, but it should be a lot better for the price they're charging.

    2. I'm going to say yes, it's worth it at that price. The food there has been somewhat inconsistent (from ok to great), but I love the setting. Try for a table on the railing on the upper level... they sit along a brushed metal Art Deco railing, inset with lighted ice buckets carved from some sort of translucent rock.

      1. That is a pretty good deal for 2 people eating there but I have say the food is on the safe side. It's the type of place I do business dinners at rather than the place I go to really focus on the food. For that price point and reputation I would expect a little more creativity in the dishes but if you have a non-adventitious eater and want to have a special date night this could be a good pick.

        1. For the price, it is definitely worth it - considering the rising costs of good tasting menus in the city, this is a screaming deal.

          I have had problems with Jardiniere's service in the past, but never the food; it is consistently good and often memorable. I'd buy that deal...

          1. I go in most often for snacks and drinks after symphony/opera. Very good bar, very good food, although I think I've only had a full meal there once.
            My problem is that the room is damned ugly. Clunky, if slick architecture. Upstairs, the balcony looks into the bar, so the bartenders get this lofty ceiling. Diners downstairs have a low ceiling and strange low lighting, and rather dead acoustics. At least there's no television.
            Until the late 80's, the building was a garage/auto repair. They need to hire a good architect and gut the place and start over.

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              Wow - and I love the interior; very 1930s feel with the sweeping staircase and Deco-feel...

              To each his own!