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May 9, 2012 10:32 AM

Breakfast Suggestions? - N Miami Beach to Hollywood

Staying in Hallendale for 3 day visit end of May Wed-Fri & would appreciate suggestions from locals for breakfast within short drive from Crowne Plaza on S Ocean. Budget will allow for <$20.00. Thanks!

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  1. Three days, three places . . .

    Sage Bagel and Deli -- true, old-fashioned bagel and deli shop, consistently named best bagels in South Florida, HBB just east of Federal --

    Flashback diner, Federal, just south of HBB, solid diner food, plenty of fuel to begin your day --

    Beachside Cafe, Surf Road, pretty nearly across the street from your hotel, very laid back, easy going, but right on the beach.. Can you trade foodieness for ambiance?

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    1. re: southocean

      Thanks Southocean, way cool! How about some options for seafood/fish for dinner that won't break my Canadian bank?

      1. re: RhondaB

        I second Sage (great bagels)

        Tark's for casual seafood.

        1. re: The Chowfather

          Thanks Chowfather. Off breakfast topic - I had already bookmarked Tarks. A bit further south - any thoughts about Josh's Deli? Pilar on Biscayne? Flanigans?

          1. re: RhondaB

            I like Pilar, on Federal Highway. I also like Timo, on A-1-A, just about the same distance south as Pilar. Haven't tried Josh's, but am reading good things about it on-line.

            In Hallandale, right next door to the Publix at 14th Street is Il Mercado, chef/wife in back, sommelier/hubby in front, and good stuff from both.

            If you're a bit adventurous, try Captain Jim Hanson's seafood, in North Miami Beach (Dixie and 129th) for solid, fresh seafood in an 'interesting' location

            1. re: southocean

              Thanks again for sharing your insight. Not sure about your "interesting" reference - can you elaborate? I will be dining solo.

              1. re: RhondaB

                'Interesting' because the place is located on a busy street, in a commercial area of town, and a little run-down. I prefer Hanson's location over the back corner of a nearly empty strip mall, but I also understand somebody going there on my recommendation saying, "What's he gotten me into?"

            2. re: RhondaB

              Josh's Deli is a breakfast option as well. They're curing all their own fish and have a few varieties of salmon - cured, smoked, and pastrami spiced - all very good. They're also baking their own bagels, which could use some refinement, but I appreciate the ambition.

              Of the other places already mentioned here I'd highlight Sage (on Hallandale Beach Boulevard) for Jewish deli, Yakko-San for Japanese izakaya, and Il Mercato in Hallandale - a nice neighborhood place with good food and a great wine selection. For something a bit higher end I'd also add Timo in Sunny Isles to your list. And if you like dim sum, Chef Philip Ho, also in Sunny Isles.

              1. re: Frodnesor

                I did not mention Josh's because I didn't think it was far enough north. But now that it has been mentioned, I would like to add that the Kevin Cory sandwich (now on a bagel) is killer and the chocolate chip pancakes are excellent as well.

      2. Sage for sure. The house-made pastrami at Josh's is insane. I believe they do regular breakfast stuff too. Tark's is great, but divey. I'm not sure if you're into that. You're also not too far from Hiro's Yakko-San, a great Japanese place with lots of seafood. They do sushi/sashimi, but the real reason to go there is all of the izakaya stuff (Japanese tapas). If you search this board, you'll find lots of suggestions for what to order there. Just be careful because there's another restaurant called Hiro nearby and from I hear it's not nearly as good.

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        1. re: Nick

          Thanks Nick for your recommendations. Where is Sage located? I read + things about Josh's & would go to there for the pastrami --- just to see how it stacks up to Montreal Smoked Meat! And where is Hiro's Yakko-san located? I love Izakaya. Re Tarks, I don't mind dives as long as they are hospitable to a woman dining solo! So many suggestions, so few nights, what's a girl to do? Which would you suggest for a b-day dinner - again (sadly) solo!

          1. re: RhondaB

            Here are websites for the places you asked about. You should be able to find addresses and phone numbers:
   I would suggest this for a birthday dinner.
   (Can someone please explain why there's a photo of a bedroom on there?) And I think they would definitely be hospitable to a woman dining solo.

              1. re: jpr54_1

                Um, the background image on the Tarks website does indeed appear to be a bedroom. No idea why. Perhaps it's a tie-in to their 'Eat Clams - Live Longer! Eat Oysters - Love Longer!" slogan.

        2. if you are a triple D person, Grandpa's Bakery is in hollywood and was featured with Guy.

          I also give a big second to Josh's Deli. really enjoyed the meals ive had there

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          1. re: mattstolz

            Thanks Mattstolz, I love DD&Ds & thanks all other hounds who kindly responded to my posts. I'll report back upon my return end of next week.

          2. Here's a recap of some of the recommendations I was able to enjoy thanks to all you FL hounds!
            Tark's was awesome, a total dive but oh the fried shrimp transported me back to my happy place, to a much simpler time. The cocktail sauce had a nice horseradish bite and worked so well with the fried shrimp. The fries were meh. The atmosphere can't be beat, from the lively folks working behind the counter to Pierre sitting on my left who I thoroughly enjoyed speaking French with or the other young cutie sitting on my right who (fortunately for him) lives about 2 blocks away from Tark's. He was so happy that I heard about Tark's from CH & he said he'd check it out. They have a deal whereby you purchase a pitcher of beer & they give you buffalo wings (either free or like for a buck). Gotta say - everything coming off the grill, out of a saute pan or out of the fryer looked & smelled great. Would not hesitate to return next time I'm in Miami area.
            Another recommendation was Josh's Deli in Surfside. Being a Schwartz's smoked meat aficionado, I can say that I liked Josh's pastrami but did not love it as I thought I would since I found it sliced too thick and thus a bit toothsome for my liking, not as tender as say a med-fat Schwartz's smoked meat sandwich LOL! But the spicing was bang on giving lots of flavor to the meat. Loved the rye & the mustard with a tinge of sweetness and the 1/2 sour pickle was great. If I found myself in Surfside I would return for sure.
            Lastly I had the opportunity to check out Captain Jim Hanson's - way way off the beaten track. The beer was super cold, the service was super friendly (as was just about all the service I experienced in your fair state --- wish I could say the same about service in Quebec!). The fried shrimp were ok (I preferred Tark's), but the hushpuppies rocked (coming from someone who did not know what a hushpuppy was). They served a nice little shrimp salad with the meal as well. I would go back for other seafood/fish without hesitation.
            Unfortunately I really did not get to enjoy any breakfast except for the very mediocre buffet in the Crowne Plaza HB hotel. Next visit!
            One other place I experienced was Jaxson's. Since it was my b-day & it was not far from Tark's I decided to treat myself. The ice cream was not only huge (but I managed every last lick) but very nice. My mom reminded me that we did Jaxson's as a family in 1972 so I guess they are doing something right.
            Again, thanks for everyone's recommendations ... I love the Miami area!