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May 9, 2012 10:10 AM

So Disappointed at Italian choices on North Shore

One passable place is Zabiglione in Ipswich but the rest of the North Shore region is wanting for a really good North End type of joint that gets everything right. Had lunch once at Chianti in Beverly and might try dinner there sometime.

Not sure why the link function is not showing or I would put a link in.

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  1. Have to agree pretty dismal, I prefer to hit Rino's or some of the places in Winthrop. If you want old school, try Ralphie's on rte 28 in Salem, NH. Their fare is good, nothing fancy or gourmet, and reasonable. Another that I haven't tried in quite some time is Orzo, at the Butcher Boy Plaza, in N. Andover. Again, nothing gourmet but, very good. Haven't seen Chef Mike at Zabilgone's in a long time, I do like their chow. I used to like some of the Italian dishes especially the putenesca at Stone Soup in Ipswich but, I just can't stand the arrogance of the waitstaff.

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      No doubt when I am in the E. Boston/Revere/Winthrop area, there are some pretty good choices.

      1. re: ipsofatso

        Another option maybe the Colosseum in Salem, NH.

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        I have encountered the same problem at Stone Soup on more than on occasion. If youdon't like people, don't become a waitress or server.

        1. re: drewinmrblhd

          I know the owners Stephanie and Mark and I am sure they would ***appreciate*** knowing you have had bad experiences with the waitstaff there. Never tried their Puntanesca.

      3. My favorites are Joseph's Trattoria in the Ward Hill part of Haverhill or the Tuscan Kitchen in Salem, NH.

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          never been to zabagliones.. What particulars are you looking for in Italian? and what does Zabagliones have that others do not? Knowing what type of food, atmosphere etc would help in giving the right suggestions..(if they even exist around here!) FOr example, lots of people like Tre Monte but the one time we went, we didnt get why...)

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            I have to agree on the Tuscan Kitchen. The food is inventive and really well prepared and the service is outstanding. They also have a full service bakery in the basement that turns out some of the best bread I have had in a restaurant.

            1. re: Cheffrank

              Uh, this is the Tuscan Kitchen in Salem, New Hampshire, right? Perhaps a bit far from the North Shore outside Boston - for a weekday night dinner, anyway...

              1. re: huiray

                I agree that some people may feel it's out of the way, but I have no issue driving from Haverhill to Gloucester or Salem, MA for dinner on a weekday night for dinner.
                It really depends on what you are looking for, and I think Tuscan Kitchen is worth the drive if you are looking for a place that really gets everything right.

                Cheffrank hit the nail on the head when he say "The food is inventive and really well prepared and the service is outstanding".

                Personally, I'd rather drive an extra 15 to 20 mins. for a great meal and experience, than settle for an alright meal and experience.

            2. ipso, i'm so surprised you haven't tried 62 wharf in salem. a lovely comfortable spot with personable service and terrific artisinal italian food. do a search for some CH reviews!

              p.s. the link doesn't show because CH removed all the restnt links/pages as of last month.

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                Za-bayonze in IPS is actually a B/B+ experience with good pasta, veal, seafood, salads and the love is there. 62 Wharf has artisan Italian no doubt but overall I consider it more of special occasion place that executes a broad range of cuisines. Another thread mentioned the Adriatic in Salem but have not seen any reviews on CH. I happen to work in S. NH so I might venture there for dinner. I drive to Boston to eat so......

              2. Not sure if Woburn is in your area ipso, but Tremonte's is excellent.

                1. Have you taken a look at the places that have been reviewed by the women at North Shore DIsh? They have an option to search by cuisine and seem to do a good job of covering that area.



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                    Thanks for the shout out, Penny!

                    We agree 62 Restaurant + Wine Bar in Salem is excellent. A modern take on regional Italian dishes and Tony's handmade pasta is awesome. Bella Verona, also in Salem is more old school, with tasty traditional dishes and a cozy romantic atmosphere. We've also had decent, less expensive meals at Petrillo's in Peabody.