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Aug 6, 2003 11:26 PM

Machado Orchards pies vs. Ikeda

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was reading in the Sacramento Bee about how good the pies are at Machado Orchards up in Auburn (Foresthill Exit). Usually at this exit I go to Ikeda's - right next to the freeway (80) - where the pies are pretty good - especially the banana cream pie. Has anybody tried them both? can you speak to the virtues of either?

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  1. I can't compare the two because I've only had Machado's pies. The marionberry pie there is probably the best fruit pie I've ever had. This time of year they also have blackberry, peach, cherry, ollalieberry and more. We've been going to Machado's for years for their produce. Almost everyone comes out of there with a pie, but it's the produce that fills most of the building. Great home-grown tomatoes, corn, nectarines, plums, onions, squash, watermelons. And we can't forget the big boxer dog that lies in the entry way, sleeping away a peaceful afternoon in the orchard. By the way, the best exit from I-80 going east is Bowman Road, just past Foresthill. At the stop sign, go left under the freeway, then right to where you see the old pickup truck with a huge balloon flying high. From the east, go off at Bell Road, go to stop light and turn left. Happy pie eating!

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      thanks for your enthusiastic report on the virtues of Machado's pies.....I'll look forward to trying them myself.

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        this Thanksgiving someone brought two pies ( very generous ) from Machado Orchards to dinner; a pumpkin one and an apple pie. Years ago I think I had a berry pie that I remembered as pretty tasty. Of the two pies, the pumpkin was my favorite - pretty decent flavor. The apple was a bit bland - the apples weren't very well seasoned. I say this because the night before I had some apple pie from Mission Pie in SF and the apples were very flavorful and had a nice bright note that was missing from the Machado version. The apples probably differ depending on the time of year ?